The Student Fees Committee is a committee of elected students and unit liaisons who oversee the budgeting process for the entirety of student fees.  Each year, the SFC revises budgetary guidelines for the student fee funded units, reviews executive reports, strategic plans and final budget submissions for the upcoming fiscal year.  The student fee funded budgets are the Associated Students of Oregon State University (ASOSU), Student Leadership & Involvement (SLI), Intercollegiate Athletics (student ticket allocations), Performing Arts, the Memorial Union (MU), Recreational Sports, the Human Services Resource Center (HSRC), the Family Resource Center (FRC), Orange Media Network (OMN), Diversity & Cultural Engagement (DCE), Facility Improvements, Bad Debt Expense, and the Student Fees Contingency Fund.

The SFC recommends fee levels for each department and then forwards these recommendations to the ASOSU Congress at joint session.  After approval from ASOSU Congress, the recommendations are sent to the OSU Board of Trustees for final approval. The SFC is also responsible for conducting annual reviews of operations of the student fee departments.  One of the most recent contributions students on SFC have made was the effective evaluation of the Student Experience Center Fee Impact alongside the Auxiliaries and Activities Business Center (AABC).


Spring Term 2018 Meetings

Week 3 Thursday at 6:00pm, SEC 254

Requests for accommodations or agenda items must be submitted at least 48 hours in advance to


Student Fees Committee Chair

Theresa Thurston  |  541-737-3458  |  SEC 292  |  Office Hours: Please email if you would like an appointment