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Andrew Futerman
Task Force Director of Environmental Affairs
Snell 149
(541) 737-6357


Environmental Affairs acts to develop awareness of our impact on the world around us, and to educate students on environmental issues. The coordinate student committees to Plan Earth Week activities, lectures, debates, movies, and projects that will educate students on all aspects of environmental issues. They actively solicit student participation and lend aid on all aspects of environmental issues. They actively solicit student participation and lend aid and support to student organizations working with the same objectives as the task force. Environmental Affairs is launching an investigative reporting campaign looking at improving campus coffee cups as well as other wastes across campus.


Victory!  Green Energy Fee Campaign

The ASOSU Environmental Affairs Task Force has been working since fall term 2006 to create a new student fee that would fund the conversion of OSU to renewable energy. On April 27, 2007, the green energy initiative passed and OSU will be converted to approximately 100% renewable energy beginning fall term 2007.

The task force began its campaign last fall when it created and advertised the ASOSU Green Energy Survey. The results of that survey indicated that 68% of students wanted to pay up to $8.88 per term to convert OSU to 100% renewable energy. During winter term, the task force created a petition to put the green energy fee on the ballot and collected signatures from over 1,700 OSU students. The ballot question read, "Do you want to assess the student body a 'green energy fee' of $8.50 per student per term to convert OSU to renewable energy beginning Fall 2007?" and it passed with 70.6% of voters in favor.

Environmental Justice Campaign

The ASOSU Environmental Affairs Task Force is educating students and community members about environmental racism at the Divine Nine Step Show Yard Fest May 24, 2007, 11:00am-1:00pm in the MU Quad and at Rock the Green May 24th, 2007, 5:00-10:30pm in the Southside Courtyard (in between Halsell, Finley, and Bloss).  The task force will also be hosting a presentation by the Coalition Against Environmental Racism during the week of May 28th. Environmental racism is the targeting of minority communities for locating polluting industries or toxic wastes disposal, race-based differential enforcement of environmental regulations, and the exclusion of people of color from the environmental policy-making process.  The task force hopes to educate people more about this topic and explore how we can turn environmental racism into environmental justice.

Advertising the Green Energy Fee Passage

The task force is working with Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski, State Representative Sara Gelser, Corvallis Mayor Charlie Thomlinson, OSU President Ed Ray, and various media outlets to get more press coverage for the passing of the green energy fee at OSU.  Receiving more press coverage will hopefully encourage other college students to work on converting their own universities to renewable energy.

Researching Styrofoam Used in Corvallis

The task force has surveyed all the restaurants in Corvallis to determine what proportion use Styrofoam products.  We have also researched the environmental impacts of Styrofoam and gathered information on the nearly 100 cities in the U.S. that have banned or limited Styrofoam in their area.  We hope this information can be used by the task force in 2007-08 for a potential campaign to ban Styrofoam in Corvallis.

How to Get Involved
  • Sign up for our listserv here: Environmental Affairs Listserv
  • Contact the ASOSU Director of Environmental Affairs
  • Stop by ASOSU to chat with the task force directory.  Click on the link above to view their office hours.
  • Attend our weekly task force meetings on Thursdays at 5-6 PM in ASOSU (149 Snell Hall)
  • Meet with the task force director individually to work on our campaigns
  • Enroll in the ASOSU Internship Class (for more information, go to Internship Information Page)
  • Fill a volunteer position in the task force, such as email campaign tracker, class rap coordinator, outreach coordinator, etc.

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