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Matt Perez
Director of Government Affairs
Office: Snell 168
Phone: (541) 737-8238

The ASOSU Government Affairs Team

Voter Registration:

Voter Registration is one of ASOSU's largest and most important campaigns of the year.  The goal of vote is to register as many students at Oregon State as possible so that when we lobby our state and federal legislators we can use those numbers and statistics to make an impact, especially on issues that involve students at Oregon State.  The ASOSU also recognizes the importance of having an active and educated student body and follows all voter registration campaigns with Get Out The Vote where efforts are made to educate students about ballot measures and upcoming elections.  As with all student fee funded groups, the ASOSU is non-partisan in all of its efforts.

Lobby Efforts:

The Government Affairs Team, along with other ASOSU Task Forces and the Oregon Student Association, make efforts to lobby state and federal legislators on issues that affect students, especially those that deal with higher education.  Legislators are also invited to speak and hold Q&A forums throughout the year.  In the spring, the Government Affairs Team goes to Washington D.C. to lobby federal legislators and learn more about the history of our nation's capitol.

Benton County Elections Office:

Benton County Elections Office
120 NW 4th Street Room 13
Corvallis, OR 97330

(541) 766-6756

How to Complete a Voter Registration Card

  • Check the boxes at the very top of the card asking if you are a citizen of the United States and are at least 18 years old. This box is commonly over looked.
  • Write in your full name. Last, middle, and first.
  • Filling out the address portion can be tricky for many students. The “home address” is an actual residential address of either yourself or your parent/guardian’s in the town where you would like to be registered to vote. The “mailing address” is where you will receive your ballot in the mail, which may be in Corvallis, your home town, or at a PO Box. For students who live in residence halls, there are a couple different ways that they may have to fill out their voter registration card:
    • Students who live in Buxton, Hawley, Poling, Sackett, or West Hall fill in the home address line with their room number and hall name.
      Ex. (220 Buxton Hall, Corvallis 97331)
    • The mailing address for students staying in these residence halls is:
      1295 West Complex, Corvallis 97331
    • Students who live in Callahan or Wilson Hall fill in the home address line with their room number and hall name.
      Ex. (312 Wilson Hall, Corvallis 97331)
    • The mailing address for students staying in these two residence halls is:
      1601 McNary Complex, Corvallis 97331
    • Students who live in Bloss, Finley, Halsell, or Weatherford Hall only need to fill in the home address line with their room number and hall name. Leave the mailing address line blank.
      Ex. (220 Bloss Hall, Corvallis 97331)
  • Fill out your birthday and county of residence, if you live in Corvallis the county is Benton. Look carefully at the county of residence because many people glance at this and write US or United States. Make sure you do not mix up county and country.
  • Choosing a political party is a personal and private matter. One can also choose to not be part of a political party and check the box next to “Not a member of a party.”
  • Finally, make sure you sign and date the voter registration card. Below the signature line is the area to fill in your prior residence if you are simply changing your address and not registering for the first time.

If you have any additional questions regarding voter registration please don’t hesitate to contact ASOSU. Thank you and happy voting!

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