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Jonathon Josten
Task Force Director of Graduate Affairs
Snell 149
(541) 737-6354

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Come to Task Force meetings: Tuesdays from 3-4pm in Snell 149
Become an intern or volunteer with the task force and earn up to 3 academic credits per term! (ALS 406/506)
Email Angi at: graduate.affairs@oregonstate.edu
Join the listserve: graduate-affairs@lists.oregonstate.edu

Graduate Student Affairs Task Force


Students have the power to create positive change at OSU. The ASOSU Graduate Student Affairs Task Force presents students with the opportunity to advocate for a more inclusive community at OSU and exists mainly to ensure that graduate students receive an education in a welcoming, wholly accessible learning and living environment.

The task force works with the administration, senates, other graduate organizations and the students themselves to ensure that all issues concerning the graduate community are addressed. We also provide support and resources for graduate students in need. What is important to you is important to the Graduate Student Affairs Task Force. Any issues that you feel should be addressed are welcomed to be submitted to the Task Force. Campaigns that the task force is focusing on this year include a Graduate Resource Guide that provides a list of general resources and department specific resources for grad students. We are also working closely with the Coalition of Graduate Employees (CGE) to renegotiate our Graduate Teaching/Research Assistantship Contract. Further, we are in coalition with the Graduate School to gather information regarding graduate education, costs, funding, program quality, mentorship, advisory accessibility and support and many more issues that impact graduate student experience. This task force works for you, on your issues, and functions because of you. You are pivotal to the task force.

Get Involved!

Come to Task Force meetings: Tuesdays from 3-4pm in Snell 149Become an intern or volunteer with the task force and earn up to 3 academic credits per term! (ALS 406/506)

Email Angi at: graduate.affairs@oregonstate.edu

Join the listserve: graduate-affairs@lists.oregonstate.edu

Open Forms Project Final Report

In coalition with the Graduate School and Coalition of Graduate Employees, with assistance from Team Liberation and Mediators Beyond Boarders, we present the findings from the Open Forums on Graduate Education. As a student lead initiative, I would like to thank not only the planning committee, the facilitators and note takers, but also all the students who so graciously gave their time to share their perspectives! If there is anything we may have missed, issues that you have experienced that did not find its way into the final report, please feel free to contact me as I am still compiling information on an on-going basis. Again Thank you and have a wonderful day…

Read the final report here

Graduate Student Campus Resources!

OSU Graduate School Webpage

Coalition of Graduate Employees Website

Graduate Council Website


Current Campaign

Graduate Resource Guide- as grad students, we are taxed with our time. If a situation comes up, or you’re in need of creating a poster for a presentation, we do not have the time to traps all across campus looking for the programs which have resources to assist with our needs. This resource guide will be a one-stop-shop which includes general resources that are available to all graduate students and department specific resources.

Coalition of Graduate Employees (CGE)- CGE will begin bargaining a new contract for 2012-2016 this fall.  The initial stages of bargaining are beginning.  A team has begun to form, and a survey is being drafted to begin to assess what issues are important to grads.

For more information, please email Bret Seferian, unite@cge6069.org


Research/Intern Projects:

Graduate Resource Guide- compile a list of graduate resources from all departments on campus.

Graduate Funding- find Assistantships/Fellowships/Grants/Scholarships for graduate students.

Graduate Conference Guide- compile a list of general and department specific conferences that are open for graduate proposals and attendance.

Graduate Assistantship Guidelines- research the guidelines for assistantships for all Oregon Universities and the other PAC 11 Universities, we are looking for the number of required course credits to maintain their assistantships.

Graduate Teaching Orientations- compile a list of graduate schools which provide GT orientation/trainings.


White Privelege Conference:

The mission of OSU is to create competitive graduates who can successfully navigate a diverse world. One of the main pillars in support of this mission is to ensure that our students can effectively navigate diverse learning and working communities, as the landscape of OSU and the world becomes more and more diverse. To that end, we sent six (6) students to the “White Privilege Conference” in Albuquerque, New Mexico from March 28th-30th, 2012. As a primarily white university that focuses on diversifying the community, attending this conference provided the opportunity for students to explore white identities and the privileges that come with that identity; hopefully resulting in an understanding of how white privilege has been historically instutionalized. Ultimately, understanding the institutionalization of white privilege will assist in creating a more welcoming environment at OSU.
To see more about our experiences at the White Privilege Conference, please check out our blog at http://blogs.oregonstate.edu/wpcblog/.
In Solidarity,
Amelia Harris, Philosophy, English & Spanish (2013)
Angela Baxter, BA, MAIS Women & Ethnic Studies (2013)
Doris Gonzalez, MAIS Sociology & Ethnic Studies (2013)
Jeanna Ramos, BS, MAIS Ethnic & Women Studies, Philosophy (2013)
Meleani Bates, Women & Ethnic Studies (2013)
Monica Garcia, Interior Design, Housing Studies & Ethnic Studies (2014)



What’s Important To You??

You have the ability to help create a more inclusive, welcoming and supportive environment for all graduate students at Oregon State University! You are pivotal to the Graduate Student Affairs Task Force. We work for you! Therefore, if you have any ideas, campaigns, or suggestions for issues that you want the task force to focus on, please email us. Better yet, drop by the ASOSU Graduate Student Affairs Task Force Office in 149 Snell Hall, Associated Student Center.








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