Graduate Affairs

The Graduate Affairs Task Force Director position is currently vacant. If you are interested in this position please contact us at

Associated Students of Oregon State University
Director of Graduate Affairs
Office: Snell 149
Phone: 541-737-6354


This position aims to connect Graduate Students with other Graduate Students to enrich their experience at Oregon State University. In addition, this position serves to link Graduate Students with the resources available to support achieving the end goal of graduating. Lastly, this position advocates and fights for any additional resources needed to support the success of Graduate Students. Through open and welcomed communication, this position will be the liaison between the needs of Graduate Students and the administrators in Kerr.

Current Projects and Goals

Currently, I am continuing work from previous years in establishing a Graduate Student Council. I am also working to increase resources, both financial and relational,  so that Graduate Students may be afforded additional opportunities. As the year progresses, I hope to add new objectives as they are brought forward from Graduate Students.

How to Get Involved

To get involved with the Graduate Student Council or any other campaigns, please email me at ; additionally, feel free to contact me with any ideas, suggestions, or complaints that you may have.

Office Hours