The Organizing for Social Change (OfSC) Internship Program seeks to advance the community, citizenship, co-curricular, and academic potential of students.  This vision is carried out by providing students with: projects and campaigns in which to apply their learning, academic opportunities to advance theoretical and practical knowledge, and a collegial learning environment from which to gain peer-to-peer mentoring.


The purpose of the internship program is to advance the citizenship, co-curricular and academic potential of students.  OfSC course is to provide opportunities for students to explore leadership opportunities in ASOSU through citizenship, co-curricular and academic experiences. Interns are guided in learning experientially and academically about practical methods for Community Organizing, Direct-Action organizing and Grassroots Organizing to: 

  1.  Win real victories that improve the lives of students at OSU
  2.  Help OSU students become more aware of their own collective and individual power
  3.  Alter the relations of power to benefit OSU students.


In-Class Meetings: Discussions, Lectures, Presentations, etc.
Academic Coursework/Assignments: Papers, Presentations, Research, etc.
Community: Engagement with campus and local communities
Citizenship: Participation in local, state and federal government, as well as related social programs
Out-of-Class: Internship Hours & Peer-to-Peer Mentoring.

ASOSU Task Forces, Services & Support Areas 

TASK FORCES coordinate campaigns in their specific fields: Government Affairs, Community Affairs, Campus Affairs, Multicultural Affairs, Queer Affairs, Women's Affairs, Environmental Affairs, Accessibility Affairs, Veterans Affairs, Wellness Affairs, and Non-Traditional Affairs)

SERVICES (Legal Advocacy & Advising, the Human Services Resource Center / Social Resources, Beaver Bus and Saferide) provide immediate service to students.
EXECUTIVE SUPPORT AREAS (Public Relations, Finance, Committees, Executive Secretary) support Task Forces and Services. Interns may be involved in any area(s) and are encouraged to explore the ASOSU's offerings for involvement


WINTER TERM 2015 - AHE 410 – Social Change on College Campuses
Offered Fall term, this entry-level internship course orients students to student government at OSU. Students are provided with opportunities to explore student leadership within ASOSU, work on various projects and campaigns, and expand their knowledge through civic engagement. This class is designed to support development of skills and knowledge around topics such as: activism, community organizing, direct-action organizing, government leadership, project design & project management, institutional equity & diversity, civic engagement, etc.

Day/Time: Thursdays 3:00-4:50pm
Prerequisites: The course has no pre-requisites and is open to all students
Credits: 2, 3 or 4 (variable credit)
Grading: A-F
Location: SEC 354
No application required
CRN: 40786
For more information contact Rachel Grisham: