The Judicial Branch

The Judicial Council represents the Judicial Branch of the student government at Oregon State University. The primary duty of the Judicial Council is to interpret the Associated Students of Oregon State University Constitution and Statutes. The Council also advises over any group or organization of ASOSU. Any student organizations that hold a dispute within ASOSU either internally or between two parties can therefore hold a request from the Judicial Council to review the matter at hand. The Judicial Council therefore holds the power to issue an advisory decision as to the inquiry requested.

When the Judicial Council holds a vacancy, students may submit a biography to the President of ASOSU, or to the Judicial Council Chairman explaining why the individual interested believes they would be an asset to the Judicial Council. After reviewing an applicant's biography, the President will decide whether or not to interview the applicant. If the applicant is interviewed and found to be a good candidate for the Judicial Council, the applicant will then appear before the Senate for confirmation for the post of Judicial Councilor. There are seven students who serve for a maximum of four years on the Council.

Judicial Chair

Judicial Council Policies