Simon Brundage, ASOSU President

The Associated Students of Oregon State University presidency is far from Simon’s first political undertaking. The senior radiation health physics major already has some valuable legislative work under his belt from a variety of previous experiences.

During the past couple years, he’s held multiple executive positions for the Engineering Student Council, served as the vice president of the College Democrats and worked as an undergraduate representative and projects committee member for ASOSU. One of his most influential experiences, however, was as an internship in an Oregon senator’s office, where he helped craft health and education policies. Simon plans on attending law school after graduation, specializing in health care policy and constitutional law.

When he’s not leading ASOSU, Simon continues his passion for politics by writing op-eds, blogs and musings on current affairs. A coffee enthusiast, you might find him writing or hanging out in one of the many coffee shops in and around Corvallis. Above all else, though, Simon wants to make a difference in the lives of students on campus. “When I look at ASOSU this year, I’m thrilled about the amount of opportunities we have,” he says. “We’re poised to accomplish a lot to help support students on campus. We have an incredible team that’s wholly committed to serving the OSU community. Everyone on staff is ready to work hard and spend the time necessary to make our vision reality.”

He hopes to use his presidency to increase ASOSU’s visibility on campus, to roll up his sleeves and accomplish projects and initiatives. “We’re ready to walk the talk,” he says. “We want to be present and visible on campus getting things done, providing support and learning more about the OSU student experience. This community is diverse, intelligent, and involved. It’s a community worth serving and I’m so excited to do so.”


Radhika Shah - Vice President, ASOSU

In Radhika Shah, Associated Students of Oregon State University gets a vice president who is passionate about the environment, sustainability, and social justice. A junior, she’s studying environmental science with a minor in oceanography and a focus in environmental policy.

Radhika’s policy ideas have made their way around not just OSU, but the state and federal governments as well. At OSU, she’s worked with the Student Sustainability Initiative on the Climate Neutral 2025 committee. And as a fellow for Our Climate — a millennial-run organization dedicated to passing a federal carbon price — she’s lobbied both state and U.S. representatives. Post-graduation, she plans on spending time in the Peace Corps before pursuing a doctorate in oceanic sciences with the ultimate goal of serving in the executive administration of a university.

Radhika fights for social justice as well, and she’s served as a community relations facilitator in West Hall, where she worked to build inclusive communities, promote equality and advocate for minority groups. She’s looking forward to building new relationships on campus and seeing groups come together for the common good. “We’re all here to build a better world,” she says “people tend to hover around the same groups – by major, by identity, by demographic – but when our campus faces serious issues, we become a tight-knit community and we become very supportive of one another. I think that’s really important.”

While she doesn’t have a lot of it, in her free time, Radhika has recently been focusing on self-care. She uses meditation, yoga, journaling and hiking to decompress, refocus and prepare for her daily responsibilities. As vice president, she hopes to stress ASOSU’s function as a student resource. Her message to students is: we’re here for you! “Come to our office with questions or concerns. We’re here to support you and we can point you in the right direction,” she says. “We want to help make your time here the best it can be.”