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Since 2000, the ASOSU Office of Advocacy has worked to provide students with a service enabling them to receive assistance with a host of common conflicts that OSU students face on campus. This service is provided to all OSU students free of charge, as our office is funded through student fees. We are not able to represent conflicts between OSU students because, as a student fee-funded organization, each student represents a potential client and representing one against another would pose a conflict of interest. All students have the opportunity to meet with Patricia Lacy, Attorney at Law, who helps students take the steps necessary to resolve their conflicts. 

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Before meeting with the Advocate, our office asks that each client complete several pieces of paperwork to help our office begin your case.

The Intake Form:

On the intake form, you will first find a small section of questions on your personal and contact information. Further down, you will also need to fill out information specific to your issue including a very brief summary and persons related to the matter. The intake form used in our office is meant to serve two purposes: first to be a means to gain the initial information needed to understand your case, and also to collect data in our office on the demographics of our clients to help us better serve the OSU community. The intake form serves as a first step to helping the Office of Advocacy assist OSU students with on-campus conflicts.


Our office has created a timeline template that we ask each client to fill out prior to meeting with the Advocate. This is required before any appointment. The timeline simply asks to fill out, in chronological order, what has happened to lead up to you contacting our office. It is most helpful if you are able to provide as much detail as possible.

Related Documents:

When getting ready for your first appointment with the Advocate, we ask that you gather any documents related to your case. This could include test scores, emails, notes on a phone conversation, et cetera. If you are not sure if a document could be useful, go ahead and bring it in just to be on the cautious side. Our office uses these documents throughout your case as background information and as a starting point for the assistance we offer.

Release of Information:

The release of information form does not need to be filled out for every client; our general policy is to include a blank form in each file in case the need for one arises. A client will need to fill out a release of information form if the Advocate needs to discuss your case with a third party (e.g., your professor in the case of a grade dispute). When completing the release of information form, you have the authority to name who will be allowed to discuss your information (usually the legal advocate only), who the legal advocate can discuss your information with, what information is permissible to discuss, and at what time your permission for this discussion expires. Our office protects full confidentiality of every client and does not permit this form to breach that confidentiality in any way. 


Please contact us with any questions you may have:

Patricia Lacy
Legal Advocate
Office: Snell 133
Phone: (541) 737-6349

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