Who Are We and What Do We Do?

ASOSU Mission Statement

ASOSU is every student at Oregon State University.  We exist as an organization to promote academic excellence, encourage the intellectual, social, cultural, and physical development of the student body, and enable the student body to assert its varied interests as citizens and members of the academic community through democratic representation.


ASOSU Vision Statement

We believe a better campus, a better community, a better experience happens when we come together. You are a student. You have a Voice. Make it known.


ASOSU Resources

Links to information about ASOSU and student life.

Tuition and Student Fees
  • Student Incidental Fees
: SIFC Fee Levels
, a breakdown of how much of your money goes where each term.
  • Tuition and Fees for Previous Years: 
OUS Fact Report: Tuition 
(Tuition and fee rates for every university in the Oregon University System for the past decade.)
  • Tuition and Fees for all Universities in the OUS: 
Click to download: OUS Tuition and Fees (PDF) 
(A downloadable PDF of the OUS 2011-2012 Academic Year Fee Book. A chart is available on page 6 of the document.)


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