How does the Office of Advocacy work?

On campus processes and conflicts are tricky to navigate on your own. Let us help!

  1. Your first step is to schedule an appointment with us 
  2. During your appointment, you will meet with professional staff who will help you assess ways in which you can move forward with your situation. They may refer you to peer advocacy
  3. It is then up to you to decide how to continue--no matter what your decision is, we are here to support you

What conflicts does the Office of Advocacy help students navigate? 

Here are some areas where we’ve assisted:

  • Code of Conduct violations
  • Cheating accusations
  • Grade appeals
  • Graduate student issues
  • UHDS conduct & contract issues
  • Student accounts & financial aid concerns
  • International student issues
  • Equal Opportunity & Access cases

Common Questions

You will meet privately with a professional staff member, either Molly or Daniel. They will listen, identify options, and help you to move forward.

Yes! Please schedule an appointment here

Come on in and we’ll help you figure it out. We will do everything we can to find a solution to your problem.

Yes, we often consult with Ph.D. candidates and students pursuing master’s degrees regarding their unique challenges.

The Office of Advocacy is confidential except when a student reports unwanted sexual contact, imminent risk of harm to themselves or others, or child abuse or neglect.

You are always in charge of what you do in any situation. If you decide to step away from the issue, we will honor your decision.

Yes. We will ask to meet with you privately at the beginning of our meeting. With some exceptions, your support person may then join the meeting.

Please email us at asosu.advocacy@oregonstate.edu and we will figure out a way to assist you that works with your schedule.

Absolutely! We serve all OSU students.

You never have to disclose any personal information you are not comfortable sharing.

No, we are a completely voluntary service. That said, if a person suggests you come talk to us, why not give it a try? We are here to help by listening without judgment then providing information and options for you to make the best decision you can.