Peer Advocacy

Here, you’re not alone.

Peer Advocates at the Office of Advocacy are students who have completed formal training on empathetic listening, motivational interviewing, and working across differences. The goal of Peer Advocacy is to provide individualized peer-based support to students at Oregon State University. One of the benefits of working with our peer advocates is that they are students as well!

The Office of Advocacy, including our Peer Advocates, is student-focused and student-driven. Due to this nature, our Peer Advocates graduate and new Advocates are brought in on a yearly basis. To see a list of our current Peer Advocates and their biographies, please visit our team page

Peer Advocates are here to help.

Peer Advocates will work one-on-one with students to to provide services including support with first time academic misconduct cases, grade appeals, identifying campus resources, and more. While we are here to support you, Peer Advocates do not provide legal advice or psychological counseling. Some issues that students face are best handled by one of our two professional advocates, and these cases will not be handled by our amazing Peer Advocates.


We are students who are here for you.

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