Peer Advocacy

Here, you’re not alone.

Peer Advocates at the Office of Advocacy are students who have completed formal training on empathetic listening, motivational interviewing, and working across differences. Read more about us!

The goal of Peer Advocacy is to provide individualized peer-based support to students at Oregon State University.


Peer Advocates are here to help.

Peer Advocates will work one-on-one with students to to provide services including support with appeals, identifying campus resources, connecting a student to off-campus services, and assisting in communications with professors and faculty. While we are here to support you, Peer Advocates do not provide legal advice or psychological counseling.


How does the peer advocacy program work?

Students will always meet first with Molly, our professional staff, or Joe, our assistant advocate. If your case is appropriate, we will connect you with a Peer Advocate. We work under the same confidentiality policies as our professional staff. We will set a time to meet, listen, and support you on your chosen path.


We are students who are here for you.

Got a question or want to make an appointment?

Schedule an appointment! You can also drop us a note at