What is Equity-Centered Community Design (ECCD) ?

SEAT is a student-led initiative to apply the ECCD Model within OSU policy advocacy programs. ECCD is a framework for “community engagement, problem-solving, and creating inclusive and equitable outcomes” (Creative Reaction Lab). The goal of SEAT is to prioritize campus relationships, with the understanding that sustainable change is cultivated by long-term connections between people. 

In Fall 2020, students within the Office of Advocacy gathered with student leaders from ASOSU (Graduate Affairs, Government Relations, Diversity, Environmental Affairs, Local Government Affairs, and Wellness Affairs), the Pride Center, the Lonnie B. Harris Cultural Center, DBB/Here to Stay, #DAMWORTHIT, and more. SEAT is akin to a gathering table—a singular place for both student organizations and individuals to come together.

How does SEAT function? 

SEAT serves as a place for:

  • Promotion & outreach: SEAT offers low-maintenance, high quality opportunities for students to connect and amplify their voices
  • Collaboration & sharing opportunities: SEAT encourages connection and career development 

This is achieved by: 

  • Gatherings and workshops for student leaders 
  • Updated website to make SEAT work public and accessible 
Questions? Interested in joining? Email asosu.advocacy@oregonstate.edu