What is advocacy? 

1. Professional Advocacy

We offer person-centered advocacy to all OSU students.

Our professional staff will meet with students and help them to navigate university policies and pathways forward. 

2. Policy Advocacy 

We work alongside the ASOSU executive and legislative branches to advocate for student-centered policies. 

Some of our past and ongoing policy advocacy projects include:

3. Peer Advocacy

Peer advocates are students just like you. They have completed formal training to improve their empathetic listening, motivational interviewing, and the importance of working across differences.

The goal of peer advocacy is to provide individualized peer-based support to students at Oregon State University.
Peer advocates work one-on-one with students to provide services including:

  • Identifying on or off campus resources
  • Providing assistance with communicating with faculty
  • Attending meetings with students
  • Support with formal process and appeals

Peer advocates do not provide legal advice or psychological counseling.

How does the peer advocacy program work?
Students first meet with one of our professional staff, Daniel or Molly. If appropriate, the case is assigned to a peer advocate. The peer advocate follows the same confidentiality policy as our professional staff.