To our Oregon State Community,

Wake up. Speak up. We need to be better.

Our hearts are heavy with what has been happening around the country. There are no words that can express how difficult and surreal these times are. As the Associated Students of Oregon State University we are in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and are here to advocate for OSU students, especially in times like these. We mourn alongside you about the unjust stolen life of George Floyd. We must also say the names of Tony McCade, Duanna Johnson, Breonna Taylor, Trayvon Martin, Atatiana Jefferson, Korryn Gaines, Eric Garner, Sandra Bland, Michael Brown, Tanisha Anderson, Ahmaud Arbery and countless more...

We recognize that we cannot claim that we represent all the students of OSU if we do not speak about racial injustice and systems of violence and oppression that threaten our students. As the ASOSU we do not tolerate discrimination on the basis of ability, age, color, ethnicity, gender identity/expression, marital status, national origin, parental status, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, citizenship status, or veteran status...

As the ASOSU we condemn these actions that terrorize and traumatize our Black Students.

There are many systemic issues of injustice that damage the physical and psychological well-being of our Black Students. This is nothing new. Police brutality, intimidation, and acts of racism constantly pose a direct threat to our Black Students, faculty and staff. How do we expect generational trauma to remain bottled up? How can we expect these feelings of constant anger, belittlement and injustice to manifest themselves in a digestible way for mass media?

The current demonstrations have shown us that we are living in a global civil rights movement. These acts of solidarity have been nothing short of impressive, brave, beautiful and powerful. If you are participating in these demonstrations, please remember that we continue to be in a global pandemic and it is important to protect yourselves and others from COVID-19 by wearing a mask and following social distancing guidelines. Practice self-quarantine following participation and if you are able, and please get tested for the virus if you can.

Remember, this fight is a marathon, not a sprint.

We also understand that these past few months have been difficult - a worldwide pandemic has overwhelmed and thrown us into an uncertain future. This virus has further exposed the systemic inequalities in our society. We will get through this and come out STRONGER TOGETHER.

As the ASOSU, as your peers, as your neighbors, as your community, as students, as people, from the bottom of our hearts we are declaring our support. Our ASOSU administration is in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and are here to advocate for you.

Allies, please remember your place in these spaces of advocacy and recognize your privilege. Take the time to educate yourselves on the racist history of Oregon and this country. Find resources and organizations that you can help promote and contribute to.

Amplify and elevate Black voices, grassroots organizations and activists. Follow their leadership as you support this fight.

Faculty we ask you to listen to your students, to support and comprehend, but most importantly be HERE NOW for us. Students, we have created an email template where you can insert your name and information to send to your professors.

There’s so much that we want to do and provide you with, we want to go beyond making a statement and challenge ourselves as the ASOSU. We are currently brainstorming and researching ways to better provide sustainable resources to our Black Community.

As in the ASOSU mission, we are committed to the growth and development of our student body, and we are constantly looking to improve our engagement methods.

We welcome feedback and ideas for how we can help cultivate open communication between students and campus administrators.

Please take time for yourself and practice self-care.

ASOSU is here for YOU.


Isabel Nuñez Pérez & Metzin Rodriguez
ASOSU President & ASOSU Vice President &