The President, Vice-President and their cabinet: The Executive Branch is primarily responsible for overseeing and administering the ASOSU budget; performing policy oversight and providing assistance to the executive committees, task forces and services, and staff of the Executive Branch; and representing the ASOSU to increase visibility and influence both on and off campus.



The Speaker of the House, Senate and House of Representatives: The Legislative Branch is responsible for legislation, bills and resolutions concerning the functions and finances of ASOSU.


The Judicial Council: The Judicial branch serves as the final authority any case, controversy or question of interpretation of the ASOSU Constitution and Statutes.

Student Fee Committee

The SFC is a committee of elected students who oversee the budgeting process for the entirety of student incidental and health fees. 

Executive Team

Our Executive Directors and Coordinators help the student community by hosting events, programs and campaigns that focus on their area of expertise.

Faculty Advisors

The ASOSU faculty advisors provide support to ASOSU in their grassroots efforts to create change and improve the lives of students.