Executive Branch Structure


The Executive Branch is primarily responsible for overseeing and administering the ASOSU budget; performing policy oversight and providing assistance to the executive committees, task forces and services, and staff of the Executive Branch; and representing the ASOSU to increase visibility and influence both on and off campus. The Executive Branch of ASOSU is lead by the President and Vice President. Within it, there are 14 hired positions in the Cabinet and Subcabinet that represent different areas important to a healthy campus. These 14 positions can be separated out into four teams: the Community, Diversity, Government, and PR and Marketing Teams. Each of the teams and their members work together and independently in order to advocate for students, create events and initiatives, and serve the students to the best of their capacity, especially in their specialty area.




"It shall be the duty of The President of the ASOSU to conduct all administrative affairs of the ASOSU, to include, but not be limited to, the following: making executive appointments as specified in the ASOSU Constitution and Statutes, oversee and administer the annual ASOSU budget, perform policy oversight and provide assistance to the executive committees, task forces and services, and staff of the executive branch. The president of the ASOSU shall publicly represent the ASOSU to increase the visibility and influence of the ASOSU on and off campus." -ASOSU Constitution

Contact Information

541-737-6300  |  SEC 286  |  asosu.pres@oregonstate.edu 



"It shall be the duty of The Vice President of the ASOSU to assist the President of the ASOSU in his/her duties as needed and requested, both on and off campus.  The Vice President of the ASOSU shall provide supervision for the Executive branch." - ASOSU Constitution (The ASOSU Vice President also serves as the President of the ASOSU Senate)

Contact Information

541-737-6300  |  SEC 288  |  asosu.vp@oregonstate.edu


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