As the ASOSU Faculty Advisor and a political organizer for students, we provide direct support to ASOSU in their grassroots efforts to create change that improves the lives of students. We are eager to support your work for change.  Please contact us either by email or phone, or visit SEC 290 to introduce yourself.

Drew Desilet, Faculty Advisor

Contact Information

SEC 290
Ph: (541) 737-8237
Fx: (541) 737-5560
Email: drew.desilet@oregonstate.edu 


Sharanda Norman

Contact Information
Phone: 541-737-7241
Fx: (541) 737-5560


Areas of Support

  • Grassroots Organizing, Community Organizing, Direct-Action Organizing
  • Government & Lobbying
  • Campaign Development
  • Social Change
  • Social Justice
  • Diversity & Equality
  • Policy Change
  • Professional Development Resource
  • ASOSU Internship Class



About the Office of the Faculty Advisor

The ASOSU Faculty Advisor (previously the "Student Advocate") serves as the university's professional faculty support and contact to the Associated Students of Oregon State University (ASOSU), the officially recognized student government at Oregon State University. The ASOSU Faculty Advisor provides direct mentoring, professional development, and strategic advice to the ASOSU Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branches.

The ASOSU Faculty Advisor on occasion coordinates the ASOSU Internship Program, which includes a range of introductory and advanced courses designed to advance student government leadership by familiarizing students with direct-action, community and grassroots organizing, movement-building and capacity-building, political identity development, and tactics for addressing contemporary and historical issues facing students, as well as related concepts central to engaging student governance.

The Faculty Advisor is accountable for the support and administrative functions of the ASOSU, including personnel matters for +/- 100 student government employees (30.0 – 50.0 FTE). The ASOSU Faculty Advisor also serves as the primary direct-action organizer of tasks relative to student advocacy; provides administrative leadership to all three branches of government (executive, judicial, legislative); and works to maintain the integrity of ASOSU on campus, statewide, and in the state legislature.


Drew's Recommended Readings 
  • A Testatment of Hope: The Essential Writings and Speeches of Martin Luther King, Jr. - Edited by James M. Washington
  • Organizing for Social Change - edited by Bobo, Kendall & Max
  • In the Time of the Right: Reflections on Liberation - Suzanne Pharr
  • Invisible Man - Ralph Ellison
  • The Marx-Engels Reader - edited by Robert C. Tucker
  • Tales from Good and Evil, Help and Harm - Philip Hallie
  • Feminist Theory: From Margin to Center - Bell Hooks
  • Regarding the Pain of Others - Susan Sontag
  • Cesar Chavez and the Common Sense of Nonviolence - José Antonio Orosco
  • I and Thou - Martin Buber
  • The Moral Insight - Josiah Royce
  • From Cruelty to Goodness - Philip Hallie
  • An Appeal to the Young - Peter Kropotkin


Drew's Films/Documentaries
  • The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow
  • The Makers of Cool
  • The Story of Stuff
  • V for Vendetta
  • "The Way Home" - Shakti Butler
  • "A Light in the Shadows" - Shakti Butler
  • "De Colores" - Dee Mosbacher
  • "All God's Children" - Dee Mosbacher
  • "Training Rules" - Dee Mosbacher