Our coordinators help the student community by meeting specific objectives on campus. They host a variety of events, programs, and campaigns that focus on their area of expertise. They collaborate, partner, and work along side several other entities across OSU. If you are interested in volunteering with a coordinator, please fill out an online application here



"This position aims to connect Graduate Students with other Graduate Students to enrich their experience at Oregon State University. In addition, this position serves to link Graduate Students with the resources available to support achieving the end goal of graduating. Lastly, this position advocates and fights for any additional resources needed to support the success of Graduate Students. Through open and welcomed communication, this position will be the liaison between the needs of Graduate Students and the administrators in Kerr."

Contact Information

541-737-6300  |  SEC 250  |  asosu.graduate@oregonstate.edu



"The International Student Affairs Task Force shall assist ASOSU in promoting the wellbeing of students who identify within the international student communities at Oregon State University. This includes, but is not limited to, outreach and advocacy on behalf of international students, working to ensure that all international students on campus are supported, and assisting international students in gaining access to resources. In a short summary, the director of International affairs position exists to serve all international students in Oregon State University."

Contact Information

541-737-6300  |  SEC 250  |  asosu.international@oregonstate.edu


Coordinator of Multicultural Affairs: VACANT

"Multicultural Affairs strives to educate and engage students about diverse communities and coordinate the advocacy and programming efforts of ASOSU on issues concerning students of color. Multicultural Affairs achieves this by providing volunteer support to cultural student organizations, representation in student government, event planning and OSU administration, as well as an annual Diversity Summit to increase unity in the student body. They also administer the OSU chapter of the Oregon Student of Color Coalition, and works with OSCC to represent OSU students of Color."

Contact Information

541-737-6300  |  SEC 250  |  asosu.multicultural@oregonstate.edu


Coordinator of Queer Affairs: Lacey Jayne Prososki

"The purpose of the Queer Affairs position at ASOSU is to improve campus environment for students who identify as queer, as well as educate all students about queer issues. Queer Affairs provides resources and events that are directly related to the queer community and encourages ideas and suggestions from the community in order to better create a more inclusive, welcoming, and supportive environment for queer-identified students and allies. Queer Affairs will address and advocate cases of discrimination as well as homophobia on campus. Queer Affairs also has a position on the board for OSSERA (Oregon Statewide Student Equal Rights Alliance), Queer Affairs exists to raise awareness of queer student and ally power, and place students in leadership positions to help the make change in areas they feel are necessary."

Contact Information

541-737-6300  |  SEC 250  |  asosu.queer@oregonstate.edu




"The Director of Veterans Affairs is an advocate for student veterans around campus. They work with student veterans, ROTC programs, committees, and other organizations on campus to provide support and awareness for issues to student veterans. The Director is responsible for campaigning to ensure veterans at OSU are represented in their student government and advancing the interests and concerns related to student veteran status. The Director of Veteran Affairs is also here as support for any student veteran to gather resources from and to be informed of current veteran benefits."

Contact Information

541-737-6300  |  SEC 250  |  asosu.veterans@oregonstate.edu



"The purpose of Wellness Affairs is to advocate and develop projects regarding all aspects of health and wellness. I want to personally engage with as many students as possible to obtain the necessary feedback that will allow me to help better the lives of OSU students. OSU offers so many amazing resources on campus that can allow any student to live a healthier and balanced lifestyle. With that being said, it is one of my goals to increase student awareness about all of these resources."

Contact Information

541-737-6300  |  SEC 250  |  asosu.wellness@oregonstate.edu



"The Director of Women’s Affairs will work on insuring that all women students on campus are supported. As well as assisting in outreach and advocacy with and on behalf of women students. Making sure that women students can gain access to resources that can be useful to the mission of ASOSU within Oregon State University."

Contact Information

541-737-6300  |  SEC 250  |  asosu.womxn@oregonstate.edu


Coordinator of Environmental Affairs: Zac Pinard 

"The Coordinator of Environmental Affaris will ensure sustainable practices at OSU and to further the role of students in this movement. The Coordinator of Environmental Affairs will also work closely with other members of the ASOSU Executive branch and the Community Team to develop community-based initiatives and programs to raise awareness and engage the student body in issues related to the environment and other community focuses."

Contact Information

541-737-6300  |  SEC 250  |  asosu.environmental@oregonstate.edu