Due to COVID-19, the ASOSU House of Representatives will be meeting remotely via Zoom throughout spring term.

If you have questions or concerns regarding attendance or accessibility, please reach out to Ian via email at:


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The ASOSU House of Representatives was created in 2009, and contains 25 members (20 Undergraduate Representatives and 5 Graduate Representatives) who serve for a term of one year. The body is chaired by the Speaker of the House, elected from the student body at large. The House of Representatives exists primarily as the fiscal arm of the ASOSU and is tasked with handling all major budgetary allocations.


The ASOSU House of Representatives holds meetings every Wednesday at 7 PM on Zoom [Meeting ID: 421-407-180]

 Standing Rules of the House of Representatives

House of Representatives

Ways and Means

The House Ways and Means Committee is a standing committee that reviews all ASOSU annual budgeting requests and sits on ASOSU’s student advisory board. The committee is also tasked with presenting the annual ASOSU budget to the Student Fee Committee (SFC).


Appropriations and Budgets

Appropriations and Budgets is a standing committee that reviews and assists all Student Fee budgeting requests excluding the budget for ASOSU. Members sit in groups of two in a non-voting capacity on the student advisory boards of all student fee funded units. 


House Projects

The ASOSU House of Representatives is required to conduct two projects outside of House meetings, that is overseen by the Projects Committee, a standing committee. These projects must share a common purpose of achieving a tangible change in the institution, policy, and make-up of OSU in a way that benefits the student body.

Members of House pass two forms of legislation known as bills and resolutions: 

  1. Bills are binding acts of Congress that affect ASOSU internally.
  2. Resolutions are non-binding acts of Congress which express the opinion of the students and/or the student government.

When a resolution that is making a specific request to the university is passed, it is sent to the director of the department that oversees that issue.

Any student at Oregon State University can author a resolution in support of or in opposition of an issue that affects students. However, all legislation must be sponsored by a member of the House and/or Senate. 


Legislative Branch 2018-2019 

There are currently 10 total vacancies in the House of Representatives at this time (6 Undergraduate vacancies, 4 Graduate vacancies). To apply to be an ASOSU House Representative, email your resume and cover letter asosu.house@oregonstate.edu

To learn more about what the House of Representatives does, as well as expectations, read our ASOSU Legislative Branch Overview

If you would like to schedule an appointment or have any questions, contact asosu.house@oregonstate.edu

Speaker of the house: Ian Walker


"The Speaker of the House shall preside over all regular and special meetings, coordinate activities and orientations, and oversee all operations of the House of Representatives." - ASOSU Constitution

Contact Information:

541-737-8098  |  SEC 284  |  asosu.house@oregonstate.edu

Speaker of the house  PRO TEMPORE: Chase Pettibone


"Speaker Pro Tempore shall be any Representative in the House which, upon a majority vote of his/her peers, shall assist the Speaker in all their duties and shall act as Chair of regular and special meetings upon the absence of the Speaker." - ASOSU Constitution 

Contact Information:

| asosu.houseprotemp@oregonstate.edupettiboc@oregonstate.edu |

Appropriations and Budgets Committee 

Chair: Chase Pettibone


Monday's at 2:00 PM

Zoom ID: 594-302-083


Ways and Means Committee 

Chair: Meagan Fabbi


Friday's at 12:00 PM

Zoom ID: 210-602-361





House Projects Committee  

Chair: Ethan Putnam


Monday's at 1:00 PM

Zoom ID: 959-884-374

Members of the 11th ASOSU House of Representatives 

Undergraduate Representatives: 

Representative Name Email: Office Hour Time: Initiative Area:
Representative Bishop bishopev@oregonstate.edu Appointment Environmental Affairs
Representative Dwyer dwyerki@oregonstate.edu Appointment n/a
Representative Chisholm chishobl@oregonstate.edu Appointment Student Fee Spending
Representative Ersan ersana@oregonstate.edu Appointment n/a
Representative Fabbi fabbim@oregonstate.edu Appointment Financial Accessibility
Representative Fujimura fujimurg@oregonstate.edu Appointment Student Fee Spending
Representative Hill hillja2@oregonstate.edu Appointment n/a
Representative Page pagejos@oregonstate.edu Appointment n/a
Representative Norton nortojac@oregonstate.edu Appointment n/a
Representative Love rathbunl@oregonstate.edu Appointment n/a
Representative Menendez menendek@oregonstate.edu Appointment n/a
Representative Pettibone pettiboc@oregonstate.edu Appointment Student Advocacy
Representative Putnam putname@oregonstate.edu Appointment Student Advocacy
Representative Schnell schnelll@oregonstate.edu Appointment Basic Needs
Representative Kerner kernera@oregonstate.edu Appointment n/a

Graduate Representatives:

Representative Name: Email: Office Hour Time: Initiative Area:
Representative Jacobson


Appointment Graduate Student Interests
Representative Khan khanmuh@oregonstate.edu Appointment n/a