Welcome to the ASOSU House of Representatives

The ASOSU House of Representatives was created in 2009 and consists of 25 members (20 Undergraduate Representatives and 5 Graduate Representatives) who serve for a term of one year. The body is led by the Speaker of the House, elected from the student body at large. The House of Representatives exists primarily as the fiscal arm of the ASOSU and is tasked with handling all major budgetary allocations.
If you have questions or concerns regarding attendance or accessibility, please reach out to the Speaker via email at:


The ASOSU House of Representatives will be meeting remotely throughout Summer 2022.

  • LOCATION: Zoom

  • TIME: Wednesdays at 6:00 p.m.

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Speaker of the house Madelyn Neuschwander


"The Speaker of the House shall preside over all regular and special meetings, coordinate activities and orientations, and oversee all operations of the House of Representatives." - ASOSU Constitution

Contact Information:

541-737-8098  |  SEC 284  |  asosu.speaker@oregonstate.edu

Speaker PRO TEMPORE of the house Sahana Shah


"Speaker Pro Tempore shall be any Representative in the House which, upon a majority vote of his/her peers, shall assist the Speaker in all their duties and shall act as Chair of regular and special meetings upon the absence of the Speaker." - ASOSU Statutes 

Contact Information:

SEC 250  |  asosu.speakerpt@oregonstate.edu

Additional Information

Members of House pass two forms of legislation known as bills and resolutions: 

  1. Bills are binding acts of Congress that affect ASOSU internally.
  2. Resolutions are non-binding acts of Congress which express the opinion of the students and/or the student government.

When a resolution that is making a specific request to the university is passed, it is sent to the director of the department that oversees that issue.

Any student at Oregon State University can author a resolution in support of or in opposition of an issue that affects students. However, all legislation must be sponsored by a member of the House and/or Senate. 


Throughout the year, seats in the House of Representatives become vacant. To learn more about what the House of Representatives does, as well as expectations, read our ASOSU Legislative Branch Overview

If you would like to schedule an appointment or have any questions about vacancies and getting appointed to fill them, contact asosu.speaker@oregonstate.edu

Members of the 14th ASOSU House of Representatives

Undergraduate Representatives 

Representative Name Email
Speaker Pro Tempore Sahana Shah



Rep. Ellie Anderson asosu.representative1@oregonstate.edu
Rep. Lauren Ding asosu.representative2@oregonstate.edu
Rep. Ocean El Dakhakhni asosu.representative3@oregonstate.edu
Rep. Emily Erving asosu.representative4@oregonstate.edu
Rep. Payton Harrison asosu.representative5@oregonstate.edu
Rep. Francisco Hernandez asosu.representative6@oregonstate.edu
Rep. Lucy Hoang asosu.representative7@oregonstate.edu
Rep. Brynn Holmes asosu.representative8@oregonstate.edu
Rep. Emilie Krecklow asosu.representative10@oregonstate.edu
Rep. Alexis Minyard asosu.representative11@oregonstate.edu
Rep. Erica Nyarko asosu.representative12@oregonstate.edu
Rep. Carissa O'Donnell asosu.representative14@oregonstate.edu
Rep. Caitlyn Olsen asosu.representative15@oregonstate.edu
Rep. Andrea Perez asosu.representative16@oregonstate.edu
Rep. Adie Rang asosu.representative17@oregonstate.edu
Rep. Henrietta Rutaremwa asosu.representative19@oregonstate.edu
Rep. Sarah Theall asosu.representative21@oregonstate.edu
Rep. Kate Walsh asosu.representative22@oregonstate.edu

Graduate Representatives

Representative Name Email
Rep. Muhammad Aatir Khan TBD
Rep. Ankit Koirala asosu.representative9@oregonstate.edu
Rep. Coquille Rex asosu.representative18@oregonstate.edu