The Judicial Council (JC) represents the Judicial Branch, which is the third branch of the student government at Oregon State University. The primary duty of the Judicial Council is to interpret the Associated Students of Oregon State University Constitution and Statutes. The Council also advises over any group or organization of ASOSU. Any student organizations that hold a dispute within ASOSU either internally or between two parties can therefore hold a request from the Judicial Council to review the matter at hand. The Judicial Council therefore holds the power to issue an advisory decision as to the inquiry requested.

The Judicial Council is comprised of 7 voting members, each appointed for four years by the ASOSU President and confirmed by the Senate. Internally, the JC elects a JC Chair to help facilitate meetings and guide the rest of members. Writs of Inquiries are brought before the JC pertaining to ASOSU guiding documents, and the JC exercises thorough and timely deliberation on the matter before issuing a Judicial Council Opinion. The opinions of the JC are absolute, insofar as an appeal isn't filed that could bring forth new information or challenge the ruling. 

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Judicial Council Membership


Judicial Council Chair - TBD

(541) 737-6300  |  |  SEC 282  |  Office Hours: By appointment  

The head of the Judicial Branch who oversees its functions, heads meetings, and aids in unofficial opinions or minor interpretations of ASOSU's guiding documents. They are elected internally within the body, and help act as a liaision between the JC and the rest of ASOSU.

Judicial Council Vice Chair - TBD

The Judicial Council Vice Chair helps step in when the Judicial Council Chair is incapable and performs other duties as assigned. This position is also internally elected within the body. 

Court Clerk - TBD

The Court Clerk takes meeting minutes and organizes them for the Judicial Councilors and others to access. 

All Councilors - Seth Thomas, Trent Fornasier, Anna Liu, & Braam Beresford

All Councilors are responsible for interpreting the ASOSU Constitution and Statutes, and all act as equal voting members in the body. They are appointed by the ASOSU President and confirmed by the ASOSU Senate for a four year term.


Judicial Branch Structure