The Fourteenth ASOSU Congress

The Legislative Branch of the ASOSU represents the collective opinion of the student body.  It consists of elected members who serve in the ASOSU Congress.  The roles of the ASOSU Congress are divided into two houses: the ASOSU House of Representatives, which handles the fiscal policy, and the ASOSU Senate, which handles legislative policy.  Members of the ASOSU House of Representatives are elected based on graduate and undergraduate status and serve one year, while members of the ASOSU Senate are elected by the entire student body and serve two years.

Congressional leadership

Speaker of the House Madelyn Neuschwander


President of the Senate Sierra Young


Speaker of the House Pro Tempore Sahana Shah


President Pro Tempore of the Senate Xander Robertson


Records Clerk TBD

Congressional Vacancies

  • Applications are now OPEN for vacancies in the ASOSU Congress. Apply at this link.

  • For additional openings, follow @asosugov on Instagram or Twitter for updates!

  • Members of both the ASOSU Senate and ASOSU House of Representatives are currently compensated at an hourly wage of $15.50 per hour for up to 8 hours per week. 
  • To learn more about what the House of Representatives and Senate do, as well as expectations, read our ASOSU Legislative Branch Overview
  • For more information on how to apply to be in the ASOSU Congress, or to schedule an appointment, contact


Below is a list of legislation passed by the 14th ASOSU Congress. 

Legislation Number Short Title Long Title Date of Enactment Author(s) Sponsor(s)


PDF iconSB-82.01 (272.3 KB)
"Committee Reform Bill" Bill to Set Committee Caps, Change the outreach requirement to a tabling requirement, and allow members of congress to serve on other OSU committees in place of a standing committee 7/14/2022

Sen. Xander Robertson

Rep. Sahana Shah

President Matteo Paola

Sen. Xander Robertson
"Caste as a Protected Class Bill" Bill to establish caste as a protected class within the ASOSU statutes 8/01/2022 Rep. Sahana Shah

Sen. Xander Robertson

Sen. Kaitlyn Kim

Rep. Adie Rang

"SFC Liaisons Bill" Bill to remove the requirement that Student Advisory Board Chairs must also serve as the unit liaison to the Student Fee Committee 8/02/2022 SFC Chair Joe Page Sen. Xander Robertson
"Direct Democracy Initiative Bill" Bill to codify the procedures of tabling, establish guidelines for outreach, and implement a consideration clause 8/10/2022

Sen. Jarrett Alto

Sen. Xander Robertson

Sen. Jarrett Alto

Sen. Xander Robertson