The Legislative Branch of the ASOSU represents the collective opinion of the student body.  It consists of elected members who serve in the ASOSU Congress.  The roles of the ASOSU Congress are divided into two houses: the ASOSU House of Representatives, which handles the fiscal policy, and the ASOSU Senate, which handles legislative policy.  Members of the ASOSU House of Representatives are elected based on graduate and undergraduate status and serve one year, while members of the ASOSU Senate are elected by the entire student body and serve two years.


Speaker of the house: CAROL MORENO
ASOSU House of Representatives

The Speaker of the House shall preside over all regular and special meetings, coordinate activities and orientations, and oversee all operations of the House of Representatives.  - ASOSU Constitution


Fall Term Availability
Contact Information

541-737-8098  |  SEC 284  |


President of the Senate: Aiden tariku 
ASOSU Senate


Fall Term Availability
Contact Information

541-737-6345  |  SEC 288  |


Congressional Clerk: Tatyanna Statum

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Congressional Vacancies

  • There are no congressional vacancies at this time.