Welcome to the ASOSU Senate

The ASOSU Senate was established in 1940 and has had its current form since 2009. The Senate consists of twelve members elected at large from the student body for terms of two years.  The Senate is tasked primarily with maintaining the ASOSU Statutes and is the primary lawmaking body of the ASOSU. 


The Senate meets on Tuesdays at 6:00 p.m. |  Standing Rules of the ASOSU Senate


If you have questions or concerns regarding attendance or accessibility, please reach out to the Vice President via email at:


The ASOSU Senate will be meeting remotely throughout Summer 2022.

  • LOCATION: Zoom

  • TIME: Tuesdays at 6:00 P.M.


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President of the senate Sierra Young


"The President of the Senate shall preside over all regular and special meetings, coordinate activities and orientations, and oversee all operations of the Senate." - ASOSU Constitution 


Contact Information:

541-737-8098  |  SEC 284  |  asosu.vp@oregonstate.edu

president PRO TEMPORE of the senate Xander Robertson


"President Pro Tempore shall be any Senator which, upon majority vote of Senators, shall assist the President of the
Senate in all their duties and shall act as Chair of regular and special meetings upon the absence of the President." -ASOSU Constitution

Contact Information:

SEC 250 | asosu.senatept@oregonstate.edu

Summer Senate Records

Date Agenda Minutes Recordings
June 28th, 2022
July 5th, 2022  
July 12th, 2022  
July 19th, 2022  
July 26th, 2022      
August 2nd, 2022      
August 9th, 2022      
August 16th, 2022      
August 23rd, 2022      
August 30th, 2022      


Additional Information About the ASOSU Senate

Members of Senate pass two forms of legislation known as bills and resolutions. Bills are binding acts of Congress that affect ASOSU internally. Resolutions are non-binding acts of Congress which express the opinion of the students and/or the student government. When a resolution that is making a specific request to the university is passed, it is sent to the director of the department that oversees that issue.

Any student at Oregon State University can author a resolution in support of or in opposition of an issue that affects students. All legislation must be sponsored by a member of the House or Senate. 


Members of the 82nd ASOSU Senate

Senator Name: Email: Term of current seat:
Sen. Xander Robertson
(President pro tempore)
asosu.senatept@oregonstate.edu 2021-23
Sen. Tanya Bihari  


Sen. Iman Adem  


Sen. Jarret Alto  


Sen. Bailey Langley  


Sen. Natalie Sharp


Sen. Kaitlyn Kim


Sen. Garima Kohli


Sen. Noa Stoll

Sen. Angelina Trillo