ATTENTION - Information Concerning Spring Term and Summer Term Incidental Fee Reduction

The Student Fee Committee will not be pursuing a spring term and summer term student incidental fee reduction. Students will be billed per the information posted on the tuition and fees page on the OSU website ( The 2020-2021 SFC followed four core principles - "Promote and Maintain Transparency", "Meet Basic Needs", "Advocate for Equity", and "Increase Access". When we set forth on our fall term reduction, we did so in a way that guaranteed student employment and safety for all. However, it has come to our attention that without adequate support from the student incidental fees, the eight units that we fund will face contraction of their programs and services which will lead to closures and layoffs for the facilities and staff members. These eight units also employ a large number of student employees during this time. For them to lose a community and a revenue stream is something that we've worked hard to avoid. Furthermore, these eight units have creatively worked through this pandemic to establish social distancing rules on-site as well as remote programming. This allows us to make sure all OSU community members have access to resources and to each other. Based on observations and feedback from the fall term reduction, the benefit of fully supporting the fee funded units outweighs a student incidental fee reduction. Questions regarding student incidental fees can be directed to the SFC Chair at

Meeting Information:

The SFC meets every Thursday from 6PM to 7PM. Please contact the Chair at for more information. The meetings are open to everyone.


Who are we?

The Student Fee Committee is a committee of elected students and unit liaisons who oversee the budgeting process for the entirety of student fees.  Each year, the SFC revises budgetary guidelines for the student fee funded units, reviews executive reports, strategic plans and final budget submissions for the upcoming fiscal year.  The student fee funded budgets are the Associated Students of Oregon State University (ASOSU), Intercollegiate Athletics, Performing Arts, the Memorial Union (MU), Recreational Sports, the Human Services Resource Center (HSRC), the Family Resource Center (FRC), Student Experiences & Engagement, Facility Improvements, Bad Debt Expense, and the Student Fees Contingency Fund.