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ATTENTION: Reduction status

Sept 9, Wed     SFC reviews proposal | Zoom | 6-8 PM

Sept 11, Fri      SFC votes by email.

Sept 23, Wed  Congress proceeds to final vote.

Sept 25, Fri      ASOSU President reviews and submits proposals to President Alexander.

Oct 2, Fri          President Alexander reviews and signs reduction proposals.

Oct 14-16, W-F   The Board of Trustees receives the reduction proposal.
Who are we?

The Student Fee Committee is a committee of elected students and unit liaisons who oversee the budgeting process for the entirety of student fees.  Each year, the SFC revises budgetary guidelines for the student fee funded units, reviews executive reports, strategic plans and final budget submissions for the upcoming fiscal year.  The student fee funded budgets are the Associated Students of Oregon State University (ASOSU), Intercollegiate Athletics, Performing Arts, the Memorial Union (MU), Recreational Sports, the Human Services Resource Center (HSRC), the Family Resource Center (FRC), Student Experiences & Engagement, Facility Improvements, Bad Debt Expense, and the Student Fees Contingency Fund.

Summer & Fall Student Incidental Fee FAQ

Q: How much is the summer mandatory fee? 

A: $440.36 regardless of how many credits you take over the summer. The breakdown for summer mandatory fees can be found here. The SFC controls the "Incidental" fee of $229.67.

Q: Will there be a summer incidental fee reduction?

A: There aren't any plans to reduce summer incidental fees.

Q: Why am I being charged a fee even though classes have been moved online?

A: There are services being delivered on campus as well as remotely. These are critical services that keep students employeed while serving heavily stressed demographics.

Q: If I'm not using the buildings or the health services, why am I being charged for it?

A: The building fee doesn't actually get charged per usage. It's the long-term debt (mortgages) on the buildings that needs to be paid. The health fee is needed now more than ever. The student health and services is offering telehealth services online. To schedule, please schedule an appointment by calling 541-737-9355.

Q: Will there be a fall incidental fee reduction?

A: Yes. There will be a fall incidental fee reduction. However, it won't be finalized until the middle of october. This page will be updated frequently. We appreciate your patience and feel free to contact David with any questions or concerns. 


Student Fee Committee Chair

David Park : asosu.studentfees@oregonstate.edu  |  Office Hours: By email


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