The Student Fee Committee is currently made of 12 members: one liaison for each fee funded unit (8 total), 4 at large members elected in ASOSU general elections and the chair. Liaisons are elected by the Student Advisory Board of their unit and are expected to represent the interests of their unit; they abstain in voting for the budget pertaining to their represented unit. At large members and the chair are elected by the general student population in ASOSU general elections for the Corvallis campus. This committee served from April 16, 2019 to April 15, 2020. The new committee started on April 16, 2020 and information about the members is upcoming!

Safi Ahmad

Student Fee Committee Chair

Office Hours: 12-4 PM, Thursdays or by appointment

Hello there! Welcome to the Student Fee Committee website and hope you learn more about the committee as well as the student fee setting process! I am a fifth year studying Industrial Engineering with a minor in Business & Entrepreneurship. In my free time, you can catch me playing and watching soccer, taking photographs or reading a book (currently learning about healthcare policy, which is rather interesting). I have served as the ASOSU Liaison during my third year and found a lot of value in the work of the committee, as well as the impact of it; thus, I decided to take on the challenge to lead this committee to strive for a student fee setting process that is representative of the student needs and a fiscally responsible outcome.

Mohammed Shakibnia

Vice chair/Member at-large

Office Hours: TBA for Winter Term

My name is Mohammed Shakibnia and I am a senior studying political science and philosophy. My goal is to attend law school to study immigration law after I graduate. If I'm not watching or talking about Star Wars, I'm probably playing soccer, running, or drinking coffee. I wanted to serve on SFC to center the most vulnerable students. I believe that those dealing with poverty, homelessness, food insecurity, and constant anxiety about not having their basic needs met should be our number one priority on campus.

Sienna Kaske

Member At-large

Office Hours: 11 PM-12 PM, Fridays

I am a third year studying Ethnic Studies and Writing. I'm involved with DCE, OMN, and Here to Stay. I joined the SFC because I wanted to help my communities through an economic standpoint.

David Park

Member At-large

Office Hours: TBA for Winter Term

As a third-year marketing and entrepreneruship student, you can spot me working on my lean canvas around campus. My favorite hobby is to cook and explore the vast culinary world. I joined the Student Fee Committee in order to dive deeper into the harsh monetary and fiscal policy climate the university is enduring and effectively allocate the student fees amongst the diverse fee-funded organizations around campus. 

Julian Chu

Student Experiences & Engagement Liaison

Hi my name is Julian Chu I am the Student Engagement & Experiences liaison. I am a third year with a major in psychology. One of my favorite things is to explore new things with my friends. I want to serve on the student fees committee because I want to give voice to students that aren't usually represented and ensure they're not being left out of the picture. 

Michelle Garibay

Human Services Resource Center Liaison

My major is Kinesiology with and option in Pre-therapy and Allied Health and a minor in Business and Entrepreneurship. In my free time I enjoy spending time with friends and watching Netflix. Serving on the SFC was something I wanted to do to build my understanding of how budgets at such a large scale work.

Leif Larsen

Associated Students of OSU Liaison

My name is Leif Larsen and I am a 4th year senior at Oregon State studying Political Science and History. In my free time enjoy hiking and camping. I am excited to serve on the SFC to help ensure that there is a student voice in university decision making processes. 

Kate Quamma

Memorial Union Liaison

I am majoring in Fine Arts and minoring in Art History and Religious Studies. One of my favorite hobbies is thrift shopping. I decided to serve on the Student Fee Committee because I wanted to see what my student fees pay for, learn about budgets, and give back to my community.

Haley Ramsey

Intercollegiate Athletics Liaison

My name is Haley Ramsey and I am a marketing major in my third year here at Oregon State. I love sports and spend a lot of my time at Oregon State Athletic events (Go Beavs!). The SFC is something that I want to be a part of because, as a student, I have an interest in where our student fees go and I am excited to be a part of the process this year. 

Steven Shockloss

Recreational Sports Liaison

My name is Steven Shockloss, I am a 5th year student working towards a double degree in Marketing and Management. In my off time I enjoy playing golf and snowboarding in the winter. I joined Student Fees Committee to gain some real world experience and knowledge on what the budget setting process looks like on such a large scale. I also wanted to have a positive impact on the Oregon State community by helping interpret the needs and wants of the student population.

Katey Simmons

Performing Arts Liaison

Katey is a senior studying Choral Music Education. She is excited for her first year serving on the SFC in order to enact real change in a community of unique individuals, which she has been a part of for almost 4 years. In her free time she enjoys vegetarian cooking, writing, and listening to all types of music.

Raven Waldron

Family Resource Center Liaison

My name is Raven Waldron (she/her/hers) and I am a second year PharmD student in the College of Pharmacy. I completed my HBS in BioResource Research at OSU in 2018 and returned for graduate school! In my free time I love to sing Broadway showtunes at the top of my lungs and play volleyball with friends. I joined the SFC because I wanted to help student parents on campus have a voice. So often, they are unable to make it to late night meetings and participate in the processes of ASOSU due to time constraints, and through the SFC, I wanted to amplify those voices that often go unheard.