The Student Fee Committee is currently made of 15 members: one liaison for each fee funded unit (10 total), 4 at large members elected in ASOSU general elections and the chair. Liaisons are elected by the Student Advisory Board of their unit and are expected to represent the interests of their unit; they abstain in voting for the budget pertaining to their represented unit. At large members and the chair are elected by the general student population in ASOSU general elections for the Corvallis campus.


Office Hours

Chair (SEC 292 in SEC 250 ASOSU Suite):

  • Theresa Thurston (2018-2019): Tuesday 2-5 PM, Thursday 2-6 PM
  • Safi Ahmad (2019-2020): Monday/Wednesday 12-4 PM



Alex York: Monday 10-11 PM

Millicent Taylor: Tuesday 11-12 AM

Austin Carsh: Thursday 12-1 PM 

Jordan Fee: Friday 9-10 AM


How to join:

At large members and the chair are elected in ASOSU general elections. These generally take place during winter term. Please attend an elections information session to join the committee this way.


Liaison members are elected by Student Advisory Boards (SABs) that represent corresponding units funded by student fees. Please refer to the Units Supported page to learn more about different units and how to be involved with their SAB!