Joint Congressional Committees

The ASOSU Congress is home to five joint standing committees, dedicated to a wide array of initiatives and goals. See more information about each of these committees below. 

Outreach Committee

Chair: Sen. Bailey Langley | Vice Chair: Rep. Kate Walsh


Members: Sen. Bailey Langley, Sen. Noa Stoll, Sen. Tanya Bihari, Rep. Kate Walsh, Rep. Ankit Koirala, Rep. Emily Erving



Budgets Committee

Chair: Rep. Caitlyn Olsen | Vice Chair: Sen. Xander Robertson


Members: Rep. Caitlyn Olsen, Rep. Ellie Anderson, Rep. Lucy Hoang, Rep. Mak Khan, Rep. Ocean El Dakhakhni, Rep. Payton Harrison, Sen. Garima Kohli, Sen. Xander Robertson


Projects Committee

Chair: Rep. Sahana Shah | Vice Chair: Sen. Kaitlyn Kim


Members: Rep. Sahana Shah, Rep. Adie Rang, Rep. Andrea Perez, Rep. Brynn Holmes, Rep. Caitlyn Olsen, Rep. Carissa O'Donnell, Rep. Coquille Rex, Rep. Emilie Krecklow, Rep. Erica Nyarko, Rep. ​​​​​​​Francisco Hernandez, Rep. ​​​​​​​Henrietta Rutaremwa, Rep. Lauren Ding, Rep. Ocean El Dakhakhni, Sen. Garima Kohli, Sen. Jarrett Alto, Sen. Kaitlyn Kim


Student Government Committee

Chair: Sen. Xander Robertson | Vice Chair: Rep. Mak Khan


Members: Sen. Xander Robertson, Sen, Iman Adem, Sen. Natalie Sharp, Rep. Mak Khan, Rep. Sarah Theall

Ethics Committee

Chair: TBD | Vice Chair: TBD


Members: Rep. Alexis Minyard, Sen. TBD, Sustainability Coordinator Tobi Davies (Executive Branch Member), SEE Liaison to the SFC Rain Scarborough (SFC Member), Judicial Councilor TBD