2023 ASOSU Elections Results!

Preliminary Results

Voter's Guide

2023 ASOSU Elections Committee (EC)


  • Chair & Chief Elections Officer:
  • Elections Vice Chair:
    • Abby Miller, ASOSU Graduate Affairs Coordinator
  • Elections Outreach Chair:
    • Bailey Langley, ASOSU Senator
  • James Budd, ASOSU Senator
  • Sydney Navas, ASOSU Senator
  • Francisco J Hernandez, ASOSU Representative
  • Lucy Hoang, ASOSU Representative
  • Ethan Hampton, ASOSU JC Vice Chair

Run for Office


The 2023 ASOSU Election Ballot is open and will close on Friday, March 10 at 12:00pm. Students will receive information on how to vote in their ONID Oregon State email address when the ballot has been opened. 

Public Tie Breaker

The last senate seat that resulted in a tie will be decided today at 5pm on zoom!

Positions Up for Election

ASOSU President & Vice President

Student Fee Committee Chair

5 at-large members of the Student Fee Committee

12-14 Senators


President/Vice President

Julia Hayes/Angelo Arredondo

Carissa O'Donnell/Dakota Canzano

SFC Chair

Matteo Paola

Noa Stoll

SFC At-Large Members

Sophia Nowers

Abukar Mohamed

Spencer Pederson

Cole Peters

Registered Candidates


Hailey Brown

Maia Brown

Anthony Butler-Torrez

Olivia Cartwright (Olive)

Richard David Deininger

Shawn Durr

Elizabeth Eckman

Abhishek Enaguthi

Jamie Hamlin

Larry Hamilton III

Katyayani Karlapati

Alexander Kerner

Teaghan Knox


The following ASOSU Senators were elected to a 2 year seat in the 2022 ASOSU Election and are referred to as 'Legacy Senators' as they were elected by the student body prior to the enactment of the new ASOSU Constitution (which takes effect June 1, 2023). These individuals will retain their seat until June 1, 2024. This limits the number of available seats during the 2023 ASOSU Election to up to 14 Senate seats.

  • Noa Stoll*
  • Iman Adem
  • Kaitlyn Kim
  • Jarrett Alto
  • Julia Hayes*
  • Chandler Donahey

*These Senators are candidates for other positions in the 2023 ASOSU Election, if elected to the other positions there will be (an) additional seat(s) available. 



Camryn Lau

Erica Nyarko

Marcus Paul Antolli

Carolyn Pearce

Richard Piazza

Dola Popoola

Audrey Porter

Connor Roberts

Evan Rudisile

Nathan Schmidt

Rhyan Stephenson

Sarah Theall

Gabriel Thomison

Riley Walsh