2019-2020 Elections Committee Members

Chief Elections Officer: Kylie Boenisch, ASOSU Vice President

Contact: asosu.vp@oregonstate.edu

Committee Members:

  • Ian Walker, ASOSU Speaker of the House 
  • Safi Ahmad, ASOSU Student Fees Committee Chair 
  • Joe Harper, ASOSU Senator
  • Halli Barrios, ASOSU Chief of Staff

Faculty Support Members: 

  • Drew Desilet, ASOSU Faculty Advisor
  • Sharanda Norman, ASOSU Faculty Advisor 


Winners of this year's elections will be inagurated on or closely after June 1. Folks will begin their roles in earnest at that point. 

Election Informaton Packet and Guidelines


President and Vice-President Winner 

Isabel Nuñez Pérez and Metzin Rodriguez 

Speaker of the House Winner

Chase Pettibone 

Student Fee Committee Chair Winner

David Min Seo Park 

ASOSU 2020-2021 List of Winners

Undergraduate Representative Winners

Tanya Bihari 

Meagan Fabbi 

Julian Kirchler 

Samuel McNinch 

Milki Mohammed 

Joseph Page 

Caleb Powell 

Lucas Schnell 

Griffin Scott 

Tia Wilhelm 

Graduate Representative Winners

Muhammad Khan 


Senate Winners

Michaela Canete 

Tamra Cluff

Dhru Patel 

Laura Love

Sage Taylor 

Sierra Young 

Student Fee Committee Member-at-Large Winners

Langley Black 

Sean Fagan

Kenneth Kang 

Muhammad Shah Meer