EXECUTIVE branch summary

The Executive Branch of ASOSU is lead by the President and Vice President. Within it, there are 14 hired positions in the Cabinet and Subcabinet that represent different areas important to a healthy campus. These 14 positions can be separated out into four teams: the Community, Diversity, Government, and PR and Marketing Teams. Each of the teams and their members work together and independently in order to advocate for students, create events and initiatives, and serve the students to the best of their capacity, especially in their specialty area. Also within the Executive Branch is the Student Fee Committee (SFC), which operates much differently than the Cabinet and Subcabinet. The SFC works diligently to allocate the entirety of student fees to the eight units of OSU that receive them, and is lead by the elected SFC Chair. 


THE JOSEPHSON-BOENISCH Platform, 2019-2020

The following platform will guide President Josephson and Vice President Boenisch in their year ahead. The principles behind the document include: student voice, student wellness, ASOSU accessibility, and service for all. 

Fellow students, we are Rachel Josephson and Kylie Boenisch and we are running for President and Vice President of the Associated Students of Oregon State University (ASOSU) under the slogan OSforU. Our three years of combined experience in the Executive Branch, Senate, and House of Representatives have provided us the skills necessary to succeed in these roles.

Central to our campaign is our belief that student wellness is paramount to the success of all campus endeavors. The three supporting pillars of student wellness are: our people, our services, and our surroundings. The intent of our following initiatives is to reinforce these pillars for a stronger OSU. 

Our People:

Rachel has the skills to initiate further community wellbeing programs at OSU based off of her experience as House Projects Committee Chair where she helped create a student Support Network, and is working to implement a drug deposit dropbox. We plan to establish an anonymous online pen pal system to give students an outlet for shared mental health concerns to build confidence and destigmatize those areas.

Kylie, with experience as the Coordinator of Veterans Affairs, will ensure our administration works with Faculty Senate to allow the complete transfer of Joint Service Transcript credits when Veterans attend OSU so military service is acknowledged academically. 

We believe community, belonging, and inclusivity are crucial to wellbeing, which is why we will work to include the option to place preferred pronouns on every new OSU ID.

As women with a privileged identity, we want to acknowledge our humble allyship to marginalized communities at OSU; we refuse to tokenize the communities in our campaign. It is not our place to say what a community might need, but will be proactive in providing support where communities see fit. 

Our Services:

To effectively improve student wellness, we must ensure ASOSU is operating at its full potential; its visibility must increase. We will make a YouTube channel with bimonthly updates on ASOSU progress for exposure and to ensure accountability.

OSU is home to a plethora of diverse resources of which few students are aware. We plan to design a 50 minute long interactive presentation that can be implemented into Health 231 or used by other entities on campus to inform students of their wellness options. The module will contain information on the location and services of the mental, physical, spiritual, and wellbeing centers on campus. 

Our Surroundings:

We believe ASOSU should reflect student concerns on combating climate change. We will initiate a paperless office for ASOSU while making a publicly accessible how-to guide.

Our surroundings also include campus buildings, which must be sustainable. One of our legislative priorities will be lobbying the state legislature to obtain the necessary funds to ensure our new buildings and renovations are retrofitted and certified green.

The Josephson-Boenisch campaign reiterates that ASOSU is an organization that exists for the students, by the students. Our slogan reflects this thought; OSforU reminds you that we are here for you, and Oregon State is your home.