ASOSU Student Government constantly draws parallels from the other forms of government currently operating around us. It’s common that you might find someone asking questions about how Student Government functions, or how our local, state, and federal levels of government also function. Though the Government Relations team deals directly with statewide and national legislative and political issues, the ASOSU Student Government is inherently linked to government. That’s why this information is essential for all ASOSU students to know.

Through this page you can be find assistance to Find Your Statewide Legislator in order to make contact with those elected representatives and make your voice heard.

This section briefly touches on the Voter Registration campaign model that is commonly adopted to increase voter registration efforts at OSU. Much of this is done in collaboration with third party organizations, like in the past with the Oregon Student Association, or currently with the City of Corvallis, CEL, and TurboVote.


The Director of Government Relations, the Coordinator of Government Relations, and other members of ASOSU plan and execute ASOSU’s largest annual campaign aimed at getting as many Oregon State University students registered to vote as possible. This is done through:

  • class raps and presentations
  • tabling on campus
  • clip boarding
  • Sorority and Fraternity raps and presentations
  • personal interactions and conversations with students

Voter Education is an essential part of the voter registration process. Once students are registered to vote, ASOSU then work to educate them on ballot measures and candidates. This is done in a non-partisan way, meaning that ASOSU never endorses a particular party or candidate; instead, ASOSU seeks to educate students on the benefits and/or consequences of voting a certain way. This is done through similar processes, such as:

  • hosting outside entities for questions and conversation
  • collaborating with CEL
  • personal interactions and conversations with students
  • listening to students and seeing what they want to learn

As a powerful organization, ASOSU occasionally works to change state law in order to better serve students. In 2019, ASOSU worked together with Oregon Senator Gelser to create Senate Bill 731. which later passed with bipartisan support in the Oregon Legislature. This bill allows recognized Student Governments to take stances on ballot measures that directly impact students. Therefore, ASOSU may "make a statement or issue a resolution to promote or oppose gathering of signatures on initiative or referendum petition or adoption of ballot measure" per the language of SB731, which can be viewed externally on the Oregon Legislature page here.