Justin Bennett, ASOSU President

Justin Bennett, a third-year student at OSU studying English and Education, hopes of one day becoming a high school English teacher. Education has been and always will be at the center of Justin’s values. Since he was a freshman at OSU, Justin has been working in some capacity within ASOSU, first as a VoteORVote phone banker, then as a member in the House of Representatives.

Justin has helped write testimony and testify at the Capitol in Salem for bills around cultural competency and tuition increases. He has also worked alongside many former ASOSU members across all branches—Legislative, Judicial, and Executive to help redraft the Student Bill of Rights and the University’s ongoing and vital Shared Governance Agreement.

Justin has pushed himself to continue to go further and further. Justin recently served as ASOSU’s Executive Director of Government Relations and led initiatives around voter registration, lobbying efforts, student advocacy, and encouraged students to use their voices to unite and prompt change both in their communities here at OSU and in their own lives.

Justin believes in the power of diverse views and the amplification of many voices coming together and uniting. Let’s build a united campus together.


Aiden Tariku - Vice President, ASOSU

Aiden Tariku - a senior studying economics and writing - loves listening to music, spending
quality time with friends, and traveling. Upon arrival in 2015, Aiden immediately was drawn to
student leadership. Before pursuing ASOSU, Aiden’s involvement spanned from greek life, to
student clubs, and various campus committees.

Sophomore year, Aiden walked the steps of the Student Experience Center in hopes of finding
the ASOSU office. Upon finding it, he asked the first person he saw - who happened to be the
Vice President at that time - how he could get involved. After learning the structure of ASOSU,
Aiden decided to run for Senate.

Unsure as to how to effectively campaign, or what exactly he was getting himself info, Aiden
filed for candidacy and was ultimately elected as an ASOSU Senator. He began working right
away - meeting with student organizations, drafting / passing legislation designed to enhance
community livability, and volunteering where he was needed.

Aiden’s rich experience in Senate was the catalyst to him pursuing the Vice Presidency his junior
year. After serving in Senate, Aiden and his running mate Justin Bennett identified four areas of
campus growth: 1) Tuition Affordability and Fiscal Responsibility, 2) Mental Health &
Wellness, 3) Diversity & Inclusion, and 4) Transparency & Accountability. These later became
the pillars from which their campaign stood upon.

If you notice an area of growth on campus, no matter how big or small, reach out to your
representatives in ASOSU! They’re always happy to help students in any way they can and love
hearing new ideas.