President Matteo Paola & Vice President Sierra Young

The ASOSU President oversees the overall operations of the ASOSU, including budgeting and representation of the ASOSU to various stakeholders. The ASOSU President as well as the ASOSU Vice President oversee the Executive Branch of the ASOSU, which is composed of 13 members.

President Paola and Vice President Young took office on June 1, 2022

Matteo Paola (he/him)


Majors: Political Science, Minor in Chemistry (premed)

I have the privilege to serve the Oregon State University Student Body as the 122nd ASOSU President, I grew up not too far from Corvallis in Canby Oregon, and attended Clackamas Community College after graduating from Canby High School. I've struggled to settle on a career path, initially planning on engineering, before switching to political science/prelaw, and finally landing on premed. My indecisiveness has extended my stay here at OSU for a little bit, but I hope to graduate within the next two years and then attend medical school.

I was never involved in student government during my high school years or when I was in Community College. My first experience with University Student Government was the fall that I transferred to OSU. I applied for and was appointed to a vacancy in the ASOSU House of Representatives during the height of the Covid Pandemic. As a new student who did not have much opportunity to learn about the Corvallis campus, I found ASOSU was a great way to learn more about the resources we offer to students and get involved in improving student life. During Winter of that same year I decided to run for re-election to the ASOSU House of Representatives. During my second term as an ASOSU Representative I had the opportunity to work extensively with the ASOSU Executive Branch as they fought for a $15 minimum wage for OSU Student Employees and for reforms to the Universities Survivor Advocacy & Resource Center (Now Center for Advocacy, Prevention, & Education). This was during my first year taking classes on OSU's Corvallis Campus and I got to see first hand the positive impacts that ASOSU's advocacy was having for students. This inspired me to run for the position of ASOSU President with my running mate Sierra Young. 

During my term as ASOSU President, I hope to oversee the reforming of ASOSU's student government, an opportunity available to us thanks to a constitutional amendment approved by the voters in the Winter 2022 ASOSU Elections. My hope is that a merging of the ASOSU Senate and House of Representatives, as well as a simplification of the Incidental fee setting process, will drastically improve ASOSU's efficiency and allow more time to be dedicated to connecting with the student body and working on meaningful advocacy.

A major part of my platform was transparency. I feel that ASOSU has spent far too long not connecting with the student body and not making it known what we can do for them. Most students on campus do not know what ASOSU is or what it does, but we control the setting of nearly $30 million dollars in fees, the cultural resource Centers, MU, SEC, Dixon Rec, and many other facilities and resources on campus came about largely through efforts of OSU's student government. Recent initiatives saw a majority of on campus employers adopt a $15 or higher minimum wage, and the securing of funding for a Disability and International student cultural lounge. These are not things to be taken lightly, and without the tireless work of many students advocating for change, would not have happened. 

Some of my other priorities this year revolve around housing affordability, student healthcare, student worker rights, and ensuring student fees are given to things that will improve the student experience at OSU.

Sierra Young (She/her)

Vice President

Major: Music, Minor in Performance

I grew up just down the road from OSU in Philomath, Oregon. I had wanted to go to Oregon State ever since I was a kid. I would attend different events such as athletics with my family and friends and knew I wanted to be a part of it all. In high school I was involved in many groups including student government. I was my class president two years in a row. I was also involved in several sports as well as band which is what led me to my major in music. I fell in love with performing in high school and decided to stick with it in college. I have been studying saxophone at OSU since 2018 and will be entering my 5th year here.

I first got into ASOSU in my sophomore year when I ran for a seat in the Senate. I first got involved to be a voice for other students in smaller majors. During my 2 years as a Senator I Chaired our Student Government Committee as well as served on the Constitutional Convention that helped facilitate our new constitution that will go into effect in 2023. Around this time is when I was inspired to run with Matteo Paola for ASOSU Vice President.

During my time as ASOSU Vice President, I hope to improve ASOSU’s relationship with the clubs and organizations in our community. Transparency is important to me and was a major part of my campaign. I plan to do whatever I can in my capacity as Vice President to make the changes on campus that students want to see.