Rachel Josephson - ASOSU President

Rachel Josephson is a Biochemistry and Molecular Biology student with minors in Chemistry and Political Science in her fourth and final year at OSU. She hopes to one day go to law school or get a masters in public policy to have a career in politics due to her interest in public service. Rachel was previously in the House of Representatives where she was chair of the House Projects committee and worked to improve student wellness through multiple initiatives across campus. She was also involved in the Presidential Student Legislative Advocates which allowed her to lobby in Salem on behalf of OSU. Her past job as an intern in the OSU Technology Transfer office allowed her to see the intersection of two of her biggest scholarly passions, science and law, as she helped prepare OSU research for patenting. In her free time, she enjoys distance running, mountaineering, hiking, and backpacking. 

Rachel believes that ASOSU is an excellent tool for change on this campus. In her term, she plans to increase ASOSU accessibility for all students so it can be effectively used to engage students in community and campus issues, empower students to be part of the change they want to see on campus, and to fully serve all members of the OSU community. 

ASOSU is an organization created by the students, for the students. We strive to quickly adapt to the needs of the student body to effectively serve, and we also work proactively to ensure new decisions are made with student wellbeing academically, physically, financially, and mentally at its core. Rachel believes in the power of student voice and collaboration. Together, we can create a campus where every student feels valued, heard, and ready to grow. 


Kylie Boenisch - ASOSU Vice President

Kylie is a fourth-year Honors Environmental Engineering student with a minor in Chemistry. She has conducted research on nanoparticles to understand their environmental impact on the Alsea River. Her work and major have awakened a lifelong passion for thoughtful sustainability and comprehensive understanding of human impact on our surroundings. She is also a member of Tau Beta Pi, an engineering honor society. She interned for the City of Portland at the wastewater treatment facility through MECOP, which solidified her passion to have a career in sustainability as an engineer. In her free time, she DJs for KVBR and enjoys the beautiful landscapes of Oregon. 

Kylie has been involved in ASOSU as Senator, Coordinator of Veterans Affairs, and House Representative. She firmly believes in community since she has lived in nine different locations all over the world due to her father's military service. Central to her passion for a strong community is the idea that every student feels comfortable and ready to succeed and therefore she is excited to use ASOSU as a tool to ensure equitable practices are in place for all students. 

Efficiency is something Kylie holds to high importance both as an aspiring engineer and as a steward of student fees. She plans to use her skills in efficiency to lead students to success quickly and effectively, and also to check existing practices to ensure they are a justifiable use of student fees.