Governing Documents

The ASOSU are governed by its constitution, statutes, and the shared governance agreement. These documents affirm the power of the student body, and ensure that the students are represented to the greatest extent possible.


The ASOSU Constitution & Statutes

The ASOSU Constitution and Statutes is the foundation of our student government. This document describes the structure ASOSU, the responsibilities of each branch of ASOSU, and provides a framework for all policies and procedures that ensure the student voice is strong.


Shared Governance

The Shared Governance document recognizes the ASOSU as an important part of the decision making process for Oregon State University. It describes the areas that the students have influence in across our campus.


House and Senate Handbooks

These documents detail the duties and responsibilities of the members of the House of Representatives and Senate.
--------Currently being updated------


Code of Conduct

The ASOSU Code of Conduct enumerates the standards by which all ASOSU Officers and Employees are expected to conduct themselves.  The current code of conduct was written and adopted January 27, 2010.
--------Currently being updated------