Unfortunately, we cannot give you a ride to Fred Meyers because we do not drop off at commercial locations. We can pick you up from Fred Meyers and drop you off at home!

We are constantly updating the boundary and are open to suggestions! If your home falls outside of where we serve, and you would like us to review the boundary, please email with your full address.

You can call us at (541) 737-4413 or write to us at or come by our office SEC 108B.

We will ask that you identify the item in detail before it can be given back. 

No, you can be given a ride to and from campus as well as several other areas in Corvallis/Philomath. We can pick you up from anywhere, and can drop you off at any campus or residential location within Corvallis/Philomath. Check out our zone map.

You can call our feedback number (541) 737- 5100 or write to This number is just a voicemail box, so leave us a message of your feedback anytime. With either mode, please include information about your ride like the date/time of your ride, as well as the van number (there is a sign on the back of the van that notes the number), that is the most helpful! We take your feedback seriously and if possible will have formal follow up with the driver.

Students with an active ONID at Oregon State University may use ASOSU SafeRide.

There are many reasons! Some examples include:

  • The number of vans we have that night. Some nights have more vans than others due to demand trends. For example, Sunday we operate 4 vans and Friday we operate 7.
  • Changes to the schedule. Occasionally, we do have staff who call in sick or have a last-minute complication with their shift. We try as best as we can to find a replacement but occasionally we must operate with less vans due to staffing.
  • A variety of issues come up during operations and some require us to have a van offline until the issue is resolved.
  • We are legally obligated to take rest breaks during the shifts. This means that for about two hours throughout the night we have 15-minute times where one van is not operating.
  • We have two main shifts for employees, an early and a late shift. The transition from one to the other requires us to extend wait times to get the new drivers in the van. The shift change is around 10-11pm each night.
  • Weekends (Friday/Saturday) in general are usually busy for us! Some weekends like Halloween are even busier than normal.

SafeRide operates every day, during the regular academic year (fall, winter, spring terms) from 7:00pm-2:00am. We are closed when the university is closed for holidays or inclement weather closures.

Dates ASOSU SafeRide will not be operating in the 2018 - 2019 academic year:

  • November 11 - 12 (Veteran’s Day)
  • November 21 - 25 (Thanksgiving Break)
  • December 6 - January 5 (Winter Break)
  • January 21 (MLK Jr. Day)
  • March 21- 30 (Spring Break)
  • May 24 - 27 (Memorial Weekend)
  • June 13 - September 15 (Summer Break)

For each call, we can pick up a maximum of 4 people.

It depends on how severe the roads are. Our student leadership team will consult the professional staff coordinator to decide. However, if OSU decides to close campus for inclimate weather, then we will also stop service for the day(s) campus is closed. We will always try to post an announcement on our app for any updates to service throughout the year.

We have our application for drivers open year round! We will do our big push for applications in Spring term for the next school year. Click here to pop on over to the ASOSU jobs page. For questions regarding the hiring process contact our coordinator, Brittany Nefcy,

We will take our last ride requests at 1:59am.  We will then pick you up as long as your pick up ETA is before 3:45am. Unfortunately, due to employment regulations we cannot have our drivers picking up riders past this time.  

We do not actively request student ID’s from our riders. However, you should always have your OSU ID on you when utilizing OSU services in the event verification is requested.

The van probably didn’t miss you. It is very likely that is not the van assigned to pick you up.

When you call in, we will give you your pick up ETA over the phone. We encourage you to wait outside 4-5 minutes before your wait time. You are not able to track on your phone if your ride was not made through the app. If you would like an update, please call us at (541) 737-5000.

If you would like to be able to see updates on your van on your phone, please download our app!

Unfortunately, the app is not perfect! You are always welcome to call our office, (541) 737-5000, to submit your ride or ask for assistance with your app.

If you want to provide feedback to our app developers, please take screenshots of your issue and send it to

We are located in the Student Experience Center in the ASOSU Suite (SEC 250). ASOSU SafeRide is to the right after you enter the suite.

Yes, we are a judgement free service. We do have some policies around intoxicated riders. As long as you can do the following, you can ride with us:

  • You are able to physically get into the van on your own.
  • You are coherent
  • You are able to confirm your final destination

If you are not able to do the above items, then we unfortunately need to refuse service. However, we will not just leave overly intoxicated students. Staff are trained to assess if a medical evaluation is needed and on what other ride options are available in Corvallis.

Please don’t! We use university operated vehicles, we also need to follow federal drug laws as a federally-funded institution.

Any sort of alcoholic beverages, marijuana, or other drugs are not allowed in the vans. If we notice that you are carrying these items, we will ask for the items to be disposed of before entering the van. Failure to adhere to this request will result in refusal of service.