The Incidental Fee Setting Process:

There are three major parts of the incidental fee setting process.  Firstly, the Student Advisory Boards (SAB) gather feedback from the direct users of the unit's programming and services and submit a budget requests based on the plan for the next fiscal year.  Second, the Student Fee Committee (SFC) deliberates over each of the fee-funded unit's budget request and develops its recommendation.  Third, the ASOSU Congress reviews the SFC recommendations and votes on the fee level and allocation for each unit.  The ASOSU President then signs-off on these and submits them to the OSU President for onward submission to the OSU Board of Trustees.

For the current fiscal year, the budget requests were submitted by the SABs.  The SFC deliberated over them in the Fall term and provided its recommendation to the ASOSU Congress.  The budget bills were all approved by the Congress and sent to the ASOSU President for his review.  Upon receiving his signature, they will be forwarded to the OSU President and the Board of Trustees.  

A Review Committee has been established to reflect on this year's fee-setting process, as well as to address a few other priority areas related to the incidental fee.  The details of the committee and its mandate are outlined in this memo.  Please fill this form if you want to join the committee or to remain updated with its progress.  The meetings of the committee are open to all students at OSU.  Meeting times and other updates from the committee will be posted at this link.

FY-23 Budget Proposals:

The budget proposals submitted by each of the eight fee-funded units can be accessed through this link.

The break-up of the fee requested by the units in their FY23 fee proposals (currently being deliberated by the SFC) is as follows: