Congressional Joint Standing Committees

Outreach Committee

The Outreach Committee organizes activities and events to connect ASOSU to the student body.


Sen. Bailey Langley (Chair)
Rep. Kate Walsh (Vice Chair)


Rep. Emily Erving

Sen. Noa Stoll

Budgets Committee

The Budgets Committee sets the annual Congressional budget priorities and oversees appropriations of funds throughout the year.


Rep. Caitlyn Olsen (Chair)
Sen. Xander Robertson (Vice Chair)


Reps. Ocean El Dakhakhni, Payton Harrison, & Lucy Hoang

Sen. Larry Hamilton III

Campus Improvements Committee

The Campus Improvements Committee explores and plans resources and services to provide to students on the Corvallis Campus. Subcommittee 1 focuses on campus sustainability while Subcommittee 2 focuses on issues regarding student transportation.


Rep. Sahana Shah (Chair)
Sen. Kaitlyn Kim (Vice Chair)

Sen. Jarrett Alto (Subcommittee 1 Chair)
Sen. Chandler Donahey (Subcommittee 2 Chair)


Reps. Ocean El Dakhakhni, Francisco Hernandez, Brynn Holmes, Emilie Krecklow, Erica Nyarko, Carissa O'Donnell, Caitlyn Olson, Andrea Perez, Adie Rang, & Gloria Rutaremwa

Student Government Committee

The Student Government Committee oversees the Statutes and structure of the student government and political process. Activities of the committee will be taken up by the Constitutional Transition Committee until the new Constitution takes effect in June 2023.


Dylan Perfect (Chair)
Sen. Xander Robertson (Vice Chair)


Sens. Iman Adem, James Budd, & Larry Hamilton III

Rep. Sarah Theall, JC Chair Maya Sonpatki, & Marketing & Web Dev. Coord. Reece Kikuchi

Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee is composed of individuals from all branches of student government to ensure ethical practices and review risks or allegations of misconduct.


Sen. Sydney Navas (Chair)
Rep. Nathan Schmidt (Vice Chair)


Rep. Alexis Minyard, Sustainability Coordinator Tobi Davies & SEE Liaison to the SFC Rain Scarborough