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Meet your Representatives, Senators, & Leadership

House Leadership

Madelyn Neuschwander

(She/her) Speaker of the House of Representatives

Madelyn presides over the House, sets the meeting agenda, and makes appointments to Congressional committees.

Why did you join ASOSU?

Senate Leadership

Sierra Young

(She/her) Vice President & President of the Senate

Sierra presides over the Senate, sets the meeting agenda, and makes appointments to Congressional committees.

Sahana Shah

(She/her) Speaker Pro Tempore of the House of Representatives

Sahana assists the Speaker in coordinating the House and presides over meetings in the Speaker's absence. She is a junior majoring in biochemistry and biophysics. She was born in Washington, D.C.

Why did you join ASOSU?

"I joined ASOSU Congress to push myself out of my comfort zone and to connect more with the student body. I wanted to advocate for neurodiverse students and uplift minoritized communities through my position as a representative. Over the last year, I have been part of the ASOSU team to establish a Disability Cultural Center and an International Student Center on campus, written legislation to add caste (rigid social strata in India) as a protected class in the ASOSU Constitution, and more!"

Alexander (Xander) robertson

(He/him) President Pro Tempore of the Senate

Xander assists the Vice President in coordinating the Senate and presides over meetings in the Vice President's absence.

Why did you join ASOSU?

Meet Your Representatives

Photo Name (Pronouns) Constituency Committees Email
  Ellie Anderson Undergrad Budgets
  Ocean El Dakhakhni Undergraduate Budgets, Campus Improvements
  Emily Irving Undergraduate Outreach
  Payton Harrison Undergraduate Budgets
  Francisco Hernandez Undergraduate Campus Improvements
  Lucy Hoang Undergraduate Budgets
  Brynn Holmes Undergraduate Campus Improvements
  Andrea Retano Graduate
  Emilie Krecklow Undergraduate Campus Improvements
  Nathan Schmidt Undergraduate Ethics (Vice Chair)
  Erica Nyarko Undergraduate Campus Improvements
  Carissa O'Donnell Undergraduate Campus Improvements
  Caitlyn Olsen Undergraduate Budgets (Chair), Campus Improvements
  Andrea Perez Undergraduate Campus Improvements
  Adie Rang Undergraduate Campus Improvements
  Coquille Rex Graduate Campus Improvements
  Gloria Rutaremwa Undergraduate Campus Improvements
Sahana Shah Undergraduate Campus Improvements (Chair)
  Sarah Theall Undergraduate Student Government
  Kate Walsh Undergraduate Outreach (Vice Chair)

Meet Your Senators

Photo Name (Pronouns) Term Committees Email
  Larry Hamilton III 22-23 Budgets, Student Government
  Iman Adem 23-24 Student Government
  Jarrett Alto 23-24 Campus Improvements
  Bailey Langley 22-23 Outreach (Chair)
  Xander Robertson 22-23 Budgets (Vice Chair), Student Government (Vice Chair)
  Kaitlyn Kim 23-24 Campus Improvements (Vice Chair)
  Noa Stoll 23-24 Outreach
  Sydney Navas 23-24 Ethics (Chair)
  James Budd 22-23 Student Government
  Chandler Donahey 23-24 Campus Improvements