Disabled Student Lounge

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What is the Disabled Student Lounge?

The DSL is a space dedicated to supporting students with disabilities of all kinds and promoting accessibility, inclusion, and acceptance. The DSL considers the unique circumstances of individuals with disabilities and strives to provide the necessary tools to ensure they and all students have a comfortable space to socialize, relax, and study.

Note: The DSL is no longer available. Due to budget reallocation and and decisions to focus efforts on policy changes and advocacy for students with disabilities, the physical space of the DSL will not be continued in the 2024-25 academic year. While we hope in future years the space will be re-established, as of now, it will no longer be an official campus space.

DSL Stickers are Here!

The DSL is now offering customizable, hand-drawn stickers! OSU students are welcome to request any design from the DSL's sticker catalog or submit a custom sticker request. The DSL will make and print stickers on demand for FREE! Just fill out this form to request one:

Sticker Request Form

Open Hours

Day Time
Sun 12 - 5 PM
Mon - Fri 8 AM - 5 PM

The DSL adheres to campus-wide closures due to weather, holidays, etc.

Staffed Hours

Spring 2024

As of May 31, 2024, the DSL will no longer be staffed.

Find the DSL

Snell Hall - Suite 150, Rm 172
2150 SW Jefferson Way
Corvallis, OR 97331

The DSL is located within the Military & Veteran Resource Center in Snell Hall.

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A map to find the DSL



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Meet Your 2023-24 Coordinators

Marina Ketrenos

Disabled Student Lounge Coordinator


Portrait photograph of DSL Coordinator Marina Ketrenos

Kayden Cummings

Disabled Student Lounge Coordinator


Kayden Cummings


Contact the DSL

Contact our Disabled Student Lounge coordinators at [email protected] or by visiting the DSL in-person during staffed hours.


Many of the items offered in the DSL are available to borrow, such as board games, books, and art supplies. If you're interested in borrowing something, please fill out the DSL's Borrow-a-Book form before removing any items from the space. Thank you for your integrity!

Disability Services at OSU

For information regarding disabilities and accommodations at OSU, visit Disability Access Services.