Our full range of services are available online or in-person.

Schedule an appointment

To schedule, please fill out this short form, we will call you to set up a meeting with an advocate. You can also call us directly at 541-737-9200 to schedule.

Here are some areas where we’ve assisted:

  • Cheating and Plagiarism Accusations
  • Student Code of Conduct Violations
  • Grade Appeals, Late Drop Petitions
  • Graduate Student Issues
  • UHDS Conduct & Contract Issues
  • Student Accounts & Financial Aid
  • International Student Issues
  • Equal Opportunity & Access Cases (Title IX)


When you work with the Office of Advocacy, we will listen, develop options, and support you on your chosen path.

We are open to all students (including graduate, international, Ecampus and Cascades students).


You can get more information by sending an email to asosu.advocacy@oregonstate.edu or calling us at 541-737-9200 during our office hours (M-F 9:00-5:00).


Instagram: @asosu.advocacy

Facebook: ASOSU.OfficeofAdvocacy

Meet Our Team

The Office of Advocacy is student fee-funded and has been supporting students with university related matters for over 20 years. Our professional staff are here to support you along side a group of Peer Advocates who are trained to help you from a student perspective.

Staff Bios

Peer Advocacy

Peer advocates are students just like you. They have completed formal training in order to offer individualized peer-based support to OSU students.

Peer advocates often help students who are accused of academic misconduct, or who need help filing a grade appeal or other academic petition. 

Peer Advocacy

Full Time Advocates 

Our professional staff, Francis and Molly, meet with students to help them to navigate university policies and pathways forward. 

While they advocate for students facing any issue, Molly and Francis often work with those who are accused of violating the Student Code of Conduct or are respondents in EOA/Title IX cases.

Types of Advocacy