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ASOSU Inauguration


 Friday, May 31st,  10:30am to 1:00pm


Coastal Club in Reser Stadium



Who We Are

Student Government Seal

ASOSU Student Government is the official institution of student democracy at Oregon State University. We manage the allocation of incidental fees to student-facing services. We provide a voice to students and advocate on the issues that they care about. We hold stake in the deliberation and enactment of campus-wide policy, bringing the interests of the student body to the table.

Student Fees

ASOSU is responsible for the management of $30 million (FY23) in incidental fees paid by OSU students. The annual fee setting cycle determines the fee charged in the next year and the amount of funding and resources for student services such as clubs, cultural centers, basic needs programs, and facilities every year.

Shared Governance

ASOSU officially cooperates with OSU administration and faculty in creating and changing university policies. Under the Shared Governance Agreement, we provide student representation in the Board of Trustees, Faculty Senate, the OSU President's cabinet, and other campus committees, where our members advocate on behalf of student interests.


ASOSU members connect regularly with government officials at the local, state and federal level. We advocate for larger-scale policies that benefit OSU students and higher education more broadly.

Executive Branch

The ASOSU Executive Branch carries out the mandate and every-day tasks of the student government. The President, Vice President, and executive staff coordinate events to engage with students, advocate for student interests in campus and government policy, and help guide political priorities for ASOSU every year. The Executive Branch is also home to the Student Fee Committee, which sets and allocates the annual student incidental fee to support services, facilities, and organizations to improve campus life.

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The ASOSU Senate is the legislative and deliberative body of the student government. Members are elected by the students of OSU to craft and debate legislation and advocacy on behalf of issues relavent to OSU students. As the largest body and most democratically elected branch of student government, the Senate is responsible for appointing and holding the offices of ASOSU accountable to the student body and leading the way to crafting policy.

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Judicial Council

The Judicial Council (JC) represents the Judicial Branch, which is the third branch of the student government at Oregon State University. The primary duty of the Judicial Council is to interpret the Associated Students of Oregon State University Constitution and Statutes. The Council also advises over any group or organization of ASOSU. Any student organizations that hold a dispute within ASOSU either internally or between two parties can therefore hold a request from the Judicial Council to review the matter at hand. The Judicial Council therefore holds the power to issue an advisory decision as to the inquiry requested.

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Student Fee Committee

The Student Fee Committee (SFC) is an independent committee within the Executive Branch of the ASOSU Student Government. The SFC is tasked with recommending the termly incidental fee and allocations of that fee to each of the fee-funded units. Click the button below to learn more about the amazing work the SFC does!

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Archives & Records

To get a glimpse into the past of ASOSU, Click the button below to see previous documents related to ASOSU Student Government. 

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