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As the University has expand over the years, so has ASOSU. With Student Government being the primary unit of ASOSU, other units have been developed to better serve the student body. Please take time to review all of our units and what they have to offer you!

Student Government

ASOSU Student Government is the official institution of student democracy at Oregon State University. We manage the allocation of incidental fees to student-facing services. We provide a voice to students and advocate on the issues that they care about. We hold stake in the deliberation and enactment of campus-wide policy, bringing the interests of the student body to the table.

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Office of Advocacy

The Office of Advocacy is student fee-funded and has been supporting students with university related matters for over 20 years. Our professional staff are here to support you along side a group of Peer Advocates who are trained to help you from a student perspective. When you work with the Office of Advocacy, we will listen, develop options, and support you on your chosen path.

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ASOSU SafeRide

ASOSU SafeRide is an inclusive, student-fee funded service dedicated to providing OSU students alternative safer rides around campus and within Corvallis and the surrounding area. ASOSU SafeRide operates on four core values: Safety, Comfort, Integrity, and Student-Focused. These core values drive everything that we do, and decision we make.

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Student Advisory Board

The ASOSU Student Advisory Board stands alongside the other student fee-funded units to provide recommendations for our unit budget. Meetings are open to the public and participation from OSU students is strongly encouraged, especially during fall term.

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Student Legal Services

Student Legal Services is one of the services offered by the ASOSU for the OSU students of the Corvallis campus.  Legal Services are provided to OSU students through Access the Law, and paid for through the Corvallis campus student incidental fees. Our office provides legal advice and representation to OSU students when they have a dispute that does not pertain to the University.

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