FY 2025 Fee Deliberations

The Incidental Fee Setting Process

fee setting process map

There are five major parts of the incidental fee setting process.

  • The Student Advisory Boards (SABs) of each of the fee-funded units gather feedback from the direct users of the unit's programming and services and submit a budget requests based on the plan for the next fiscal year.
  • The Student Fee Committee (SFC) deliberates over each of the fee-funded units' budget proposals and develops its recommendations for the total fee level and allocation for each unit.
  • The ASOSU Senate reviews the SFC's recommendations and votes on the fee level and allocation for each unit based on those recommendations. 
  • The ASOSU President then signs off on these and submits them to the OSU President for onward submission to the OSU Board of Trustees.
  • The OSU Board of Trustees approves the total fee level, along with tution and other fees. 

Senate Budget Priorities

In previous years, the ASOSU President and Congress (now Senate) authored yearly budget priorities to guide budget managers and SAB's in their budgeting plans and requests for the following fiscal year, there were no specific budget priorities this year as ASOSU passed legislation creating 5 year budget priorities

Basic Needs

Regular cost of living adjustments. 

Ongoing inflationary increases each year create a larger financial burden for students. ASOSU values protecting students to the best of our institution’s ability from being overburdened by these costs. ASOSU prioritizes a livable wage for each student employee that considers the cost-of-living index each year.   

Addressing food insecurity. 

As the cost of attending University continues to rise, many students and members of the Corvallis community find it increasingly difficult to meet the fundamental need of acquiring adequate food and nutrition. Therefore, it is one of ASOSU’s priorities to connect students to as many resources as possible that help provide them with a reliable supply of food, and to continue supporting existing initiatives and infrastructure that align with that goal. 

Promoting Community Safety and Security. 

With an ongoingly polarized political climate, harsh economic times, uncertain future, and local events that threaten students’ safety, ASOSU recognizes the need for safety and security  to be one of our priorities. We ask that units help enable students to connect with resources that can aid them in feeling secure in their in-person and digital lives. ASOSU also supports initiatives that directly promote a safe and supportive community for our student body.

Ensuring all Resources Remain Accessible to all Students. 

ASOSU recognizes that there are students attending this University who have varying needs and levels of mobility, and that these needs should be accounted for when making resources accessible to all students. Additionally, ASOSU supports expanding access to the resources that each of the units provide in order to both increase awareness of existing resources and benefit as many students as possible.


Sustainable Fiscal Planning. 

We recognize the diligent efforts of the units in their long term planning to keep the transferred costs to students as affordable as possible. ASOSU urges units to consider the fluctuations infrastructure may endure and minimize them in fee requests. ASOSU also requests the continuation of budgeting in a sustainable manner for units and students alike and be particularly thoughtful towards arbitrary positions, roles, or projects.   

Environmentally Thoughtful Spending. 

ASOSU urges each of the units to be mindful of this campus’ sustainability efforts when purchasing single use items or handouts, and consider potential waste and reusability potential when making such purchases. 

Investments in Sustainable Infrastructure and Capital Projects. 

ASOSU believes it is vital to focus on sustainability when looking to the future. We urge units to do so by investing student funds into green infrastructure and lowering building energy demands. These are projects that will support the community and be a driver in social development and sustainable action.

Campus Community

Promoting Campus Community and Interpersonal Relationships. 

Social connections play a direct role in the mental health, academic performance, and quality of life of university students. It is a priority of ASOSU to foster interpersonal relationships and community on campus through social events, traditions, and programs targeting a broad and diverse range of students on campus. Under this view, ASOSU would appreciate the help and consideration of each of the Units, to their own capacities, in including the development recurring programs, or avenues of student connection, when evaluating their programming and event's needs in the future. 

Approved FY 2025 Incidental Fee Levels

Unit Fee Level (per term)
Associated Students of Oregon State University  $75.91
Basic Needs Center $21.64
Family Resource Center  $21.85
Intercollegiate Athletics  $0.00 (Funding shifted to ASOSU)
Memorial Union  $93.68
Performing Arts Board  $9.87
Recreational Sports  $127.70
Student Experience & Engagement  $111.32
Contingency & Supplementary Fund  $0.10
Student Facility Improvement Fee $65.00 ($48.50 Summer)
TOTAL $527.07