ASOSU SafeRide - How We Operate

How to Order a Ride

  1. Download the SafeRide App or Call (541) 737-5000
  2. Request a Ride
  3. Wait
  4. Buckle Up
  5. Arrive 
how to order a ride with ASOSU SafeRide

Download The SafeRide App

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To make requesting a ride with us even easier. Download our app!

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SafeRide Policies

  • Current ONID Information is required to request a ride

  • SafeRide will wait five minutes past the given wait time to pick up a rider before proceeding to our next ride.

  • SafeRide vehicles travel within our posted boundaries

  • We will drop you off at any campus or residential location

  • SafeRide provides rides to groups of four or less

  • If you are uncomfortable, feel unsafe, or disrespected at any time while using SafeRide please let us know so we can take action

  • If you make staff feel uncomfortable, unsafe, or disrespected at any time SafeRide reserves the right to refuse/discontinue your ride. Continually violation of this policy can result in a ban from SafeRide service

  • Smoking, vaping, drug use, and consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited in SafeRide vehicles.

  • We are not able to provide minor children rides at this time due to insurance and individualized car seat needs.

  • SafeRide reserves the right to refuse service.

  • Please let us know if you have an accommodation for a documented disability

Reporting Unsafe Staff

We take reports of unsafe driving or staff behavior seriously. You can report this several ways.

  1. Call our Program Coordinator (541-737-2252) or email them.
  2. Call the feedback number (541-737-5100),
  3. Email us at [email protected].

Please leave us a message of your concerns at anytime. Include the following things in your concern so we can properly followup with the staff involved.

  1. Your First and Last name - we are able to look up your ride with your first and last name
  2. Date & approximate time of your ride 
  3. Be specific in your concerns about our staff - such as excessive speed, sharp turns, terrible behavior. The more specific you are the better the Coordinator can address it. 

We cannot call ourselves SafeRide if we are not being safe.

Lost & Found

Sometimes people forget things in our vehicles. If we are still operating the night you lose your item feel free to call our dispatch number 541-737-5000. We can have our staff search the vehicle that night and drive it back to you.

There is also an option in the ASOSU SafeRide app to send us an email about your lost item. Our Coordinator will reach out to you if we find that item in our Lost & Found box.

Our office is located in the Student Experience Center (right next to the MU) in the 108 suite on the first floor. Our Coordinator is usually there from 9-5 Monday through Friday. We will ask that you identify the item in detail before it can be given back.

Items will only be kept for a term in the office before they are sent to Central Lost & Found or disposed of.