For those without a smartphone, please call our dispatchers at (541) 737-5000.

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  1. Download the SafeRide app
    • By going to the app store, you are able to download SafeRide OSU (iOS App Store) or OSU SafeRide (Google Play) for free. By downloading, you can start requesting rides.
    • iOS App Store
    • Google Play Store
  2. Request a Ride
    • Now that you have the app, requesting a ride is simple. Tap on the app and the screen will open to a page that has a map of campus and several grey pins.
    • Next, tap on the orange bar at the bottom of the screen that says "START" and you will have access to pick a pick-up and drop-off location. Please keep in mind that ASOSU SafeRide is not allowed to drop-off at commercial locations.
    • There are many options for inputting the pickup and drop off locations
      • Pick from our pre-populated pinned locations
      • Type in an address by clicking the pickup and drop off bar at the bottom of the screen.
    • Once you are finished adding in your pickup and dropoff location, press the "CONFIRM RIDE" button on the bottom right of the screen
    • The next screen is a confirmation page. This page lets you add passengers, up to 4, including yourself. You can note if you need a bike or wheelchair accommodation. Last, you can select the star next to a location to save to your favorite location list. To access the list on a future request, simply click on the pickup or drop off at the bottom of the initial request page (in step 3). This will bring up a search menu and the top should list all of your favorite locations. 
    • Once you click "SUBMIT RIDE," it will show that your ride is waiting for a driver.
    • Once your ride is picked up by one of our drivers, a purple pin will appear with your wait time and the top screen will say "Your driver is en route." This way you will be able to see where your van is. NOTE: you van may pass by you a few times before your ETA time. This is due to other rides being in the queue before yours. 
    • Once your ride has arrived, you will recieve a honk notifiation saying your ride is here!
    • Your screen will say "boarded your ride" the entirety of your ride. Please note that while you are boarded in a van, you are not able to make another call until your ride and call is complete.
  3. Canceling a Ride/Ride Being Cancelled
    • If you would like to cancel your ride, click the "CANCEL RIDE" button at the bottom of the screen.
    • There are times when ASOSU SafeRide may need to cancel your ride request. The common reasons for a cancelled ride is that the entered ETA time is inaccurate or the drop off location is not allowed. A note will be attatched to the cancellation. If you ever have questions as to why a ride was cancelled, please call us at (541) 737-5000