Who We Are

The ASOSU Senate is the legislative and deliberative body of the student government. Members are elected by the students of OSU to craft and debate legislation and advocacy on behalf of issues relavent to OSU students. As the largest body and most democratically elected branch of student government, the Senate is responsible for appointing and holding the offices of ASOSU accountable to the student body and leading the way to crafting policy.

Our Structure

The ASOSU Senate has 18 members who are elected to single year terms. The Senate has the special responsibility of confirming appointments to the executive branch, Student Fee Committee, and the Judicial Council.

Senator Office Hours

Need to get in touch with a Senator? Simply click the button below to access information about our Senator's office hours. Whether you have questions, concerns, or ideas, we're here to listen and discuss what matters most to you. Your feedback helps shape policies that impact our community. 

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Get to know the people in the senate as well as what they are interested in! Reach out to their email if you want to see change!

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