The Student Fee Committee currently comprises 14 members: the Chair of the Committee, five (5) at-large members, and eight (8) unit liaisons (one from each fee-funded unit). The Chair and the at-large members are elected by the students in the ASOSU general election. Liaisons are elected by the Student Advisory Board of their unit and are expected to represent the interests of their unit.

The current SFC took office on June 1, 2023. 

Matteo Paola (he/him)

Student Fee Committee Chair |

Majors: Political Science, Chemistry

Hello! Thank you for your interest in learning more about the committee, my name is Matteo Paola and I have the privilege of leading the Student Fee Committee for AY 2023-2024, as we recommend the fee level for Fiscal Year 2025. My hometown is Canby Oregon, I am in my final year at OSU, majoring in political science with plans to go to medical school after graduating. I have been involved with ASOSU for a number of years as a member of the House of Representatives and the ASOSU President for AY 2022-2023 and am honored to be able to continue serving the student body as the Student Fee Committee Chair.

I chose to run because the incidental fee is one of the largest ways in which students can make an impact on the student experience at OSU, I've seen and supported the SFC and ASOSU as they pushed for increased student wages, cultural centers for international and disabled students, and supported expansions to basic needs services on our campus, I believe a strong incidental fee committee can continue to make investments in the services that most support student success at OSU while also acknowledging and limiting unnecessary fee increases.

Some of my priorities as chair include: Increased transparency and accessibility throughout the whole process, ensuring that Student Advisory Boards and the SFC heavily publicize and support student engagement at meetings where critical decisions relating to the fee level are made. Increased Student participation by providing student workers who dedicate their time to Student Advisory Boards with compensation for the hours they work. And working with the ASOSU Executive Branch and Policy team to support more student engagement at the Oregon Capitol, I strongly believe a lot of the services we pay for by directly charging students should receive more support at the local and state levels, and student lobbying at the Capitol is important for ensuring legislation which can support things like fighting food insecurity, housing insecurity, and other critical student issues are passed.

Please visit me in my office in SEC 292 or reach me by email -


Sophia Nowers (She/her)

Vice Chair |

Major: Agricultural Sciences, Minors: French, Comparative International Agriculture, GIS Certificate

I grew up in Palmer, Alaska, and moved to Corvallis for college. I'm deeply passionate about community agriculture and local food production. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, rock climbing, crocheting, gardening, and baking lots of bread! I chose to become part of the Student Fee Committee because I wanted to understand how students' dollars are spent and ensure that they go towards services that benefit students. Most students aren't even aware of what the incidental fee is or that it funds things like the MU, free student tickets to OSU sporting events, the food pantry at the Basic Needs Center and so much more. I know I wasn't. On the SFC, I see my job as representing students' voices and ensuring that all students know that these services exist, and can be changed by students. This is my second year in ASOSU and my first on the SFC, and I'm excited to see how we can make OSU a better place!

Abukar Mohamed (he/him)

Member at-large | 

Bio coming soon

Sophia Nowers

Member at-large | 

Bio coming soon. 

Carson Bass (he/his)

Member at-large | 

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Nathan Schmidt

Associated Students of OSU Liaison |

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Family Resource Center LIAISON |


Bio coming soon. 

Alexandria Granera (She/her)

Student Experiences & Engagement Liaison |

Major: Public Health, Minors: Psychology and Human Development and Family Sciences

I chose to get involved in this year’s SFC process because I want to continue my work of advocacy for students and creating a better OSU community! I’m excited to share that this will be my fourth year with the SFC! Outside of the SFC process I love to read and keep up to date with current pop culture moments.


Noah Roberts (he/him)

Memorial Union Liaison |

Major: Electrical & Computer Engineering

I was raised in Hermiston, OR and lived in that area for all of my childhood. Moved to Corvallis for college and fell in love with the city and the area almost immediately. In the time since, Corvallis has become a home to me. In my spare time I enjoy prototyping and experimenting with circuits and computers. I also love a good musical!

I got involved with the Student Fee Committee to represent and serve my peers, my community, and generations of students to come.

Zoe Eberle (she/her)

Intercollegiate Athletics Liaison |

bio coming soon

Emma Flick

Recreational Sports Liaison |

Major: Kinesiology

I choose to get involved with the Student Fee Commitee because I wanted to see behind the scenes of student fees and the decision-making process of where my own fees went. I also wanted to advocate for the student services that I use and am part of like the Dixon Recreational Center that I think are an important part of the OSU student experience.

I spend a lot of times in or thinking about the outdoors. I love kayaking, camping, hiking and bringing my dog on adventures. I work at the Adventure Leadership Institute (ALI) as an operations staff member and helped teach rock climbing classes to students. A big focus of mine is to make the outdoors accessible to everyone and create a welcoming community outside.

Connor Boring-Mackie (he/him)

Performing Arts Liaison |

Major: Music Education

Growing up in the Willamette Valley, I have always loved the arts and spending time in our beautiful countryside. From my fascination with space to my passion for education and music, you can be sure to find me wherever music is being played and the sky can be seen.

OSU is the 4th university that I have transferred to in my Academic career. As a 4th year student, with my numerous experiences with differing colleges, I can say without a doubt that the community here at OSU is unparalleled. The music department in particular has been the most welcoming and inspirational community I have experienced in my life. They have helped me in more ways than I can count, and I will do anything I can to serve them. My past experiences in student government across the universities and clubs I have been a part of, have given me a unique perspective as to how different organizations can function together. For that reason, I will do my best to work to not only represent my community in the Music and the Performing Arts but to represent everyone at OSU.

Meron Solomon (She/her)

Basic Needs CENTER Liaison |

Major: Business Administration

I work as a peer navigator at the Basic Needs Center here on campus. I’m passionate about advocating for basic needs support and building a strong community at OSU. I chose to get involved in the Student Fee Committee because I believe students have a large impact in shaping their college experience.