The Student Fee Committee currently comprises 13 members: the Chair of the Committee, four (4) at-large members, and eight (8) unit liaisons (one from each fee-funded unit). The Chair and the at-large members are elected by the students in the ASOSU general election. Liaisons are elected by the Student Advisory Board of their unit and are expected to represent the interests of their unit.

The current SFC took office on June 1, 2022. 

Joe Page (he/him)

Student Fee Committee Chair |

Majors: Public Health (Health Management & Policy), Spanish

Hi! Thanks for stopping by to read about the student leaders serving you on the Student Fee Committee. I have the privilege to lead this group as the Chair for the fee-setting process impacting Fiscal Year 2024. I'm originially from Yerington, NV and have been at OSU since Fall 2019. I'm entering my fourth year here, studying public health with an option in health management & policy and Spanish. I'm currently working on writing my Honors College thesis, "Intersection of Political Party Control and Health Outcomes in Medicaid Expansion," and am excited to return to OSU after graduating next spring to get my Master of Public Health in Health Systems & Policy. In my free time, I love listening to music, hanging out with my friends, the occasional run (emphasis on occasional), and exploring Oregon. 

I ran for SFC Chair to simplify the process of fee-setting and to ensure student voices continue to remain central to the work of setting the incidental fee. This year, I hope to overhaul the model under which the process is done by shifting the fee-setting process to the ASOSU Senate using mechanisms in ASOSU's new constitution, which takes effect next year. I'm excited to continue creating awareness of the services funded by the incidental fee, and encouraging students to take a more active role in determining what their service and programmatic needs are. 

If you have any questions, come see me in SEC 292, or email me at!


Drake Scrafford (he/him)

Vice Chair |

Major: Marine Biology

Minor: Chemistry

I was born in Eugene, OR but quickly assimilated into Beaver Nation in 2019. I have always enjoyed backpacking all around Oregon, running, tidepooling, and spending time with friends. I have several aquariums and a heck of a green thumb! My favorite animal is the Green Sea Turtle and I want to get a tattoo of one eventually. My love for the ocean comes from my times spent at the Oregon Coast and visiting family in Kauai, HI. GO BEAVS! 

I have had the privilege of being apart of the Student Fee Committee since 2020 as the Liaison for the Memorial Union. But after two hard working but fantastic years, I have decided to stay on the SFC as an At Large member in order to use my experiences as an aid for the new members and connect further with continuing members. My goals for this fiscal year are to aid in some big changes for the fee funded units as we transition back to pre-pandemic life. I hope these changes may benefit the current and future students of Beaver Nation. Additionally, I will try to fight for the biggest positive and productive changes for units that will not finically impact students or restrict access in any way. I will uphold Beaver Nation and the students whom represent it to the greatest extent I can.

Tom Baty (he/him)

Member at-large |

Major: Finance

I am from the golden hills of California and have grown to love all that Oregon has to offer. In my free time I like to ski with friends and mountain bike on the local trails. 

I want to expand my pursuits in service towards others even further by representing and supporting the entire Oregon State community. I ran for ASOSU Student Fee Committee (SFC) At-Large Member because student mental health issues are severe and widespread, and I want to address them by focusing funds to support the CAPS system. My organization, drive, ability to listen, and my studies towards a Finance major will directly apply to my initiatives.

Alexandria Granera

Member at-large |

Bio coming soon. 

Emma Parkin (she/her)

Member at-large |

Majors: Interior Design, Design Innovation Management

I am from San Jose, California, and in my free time, I like to do yoga and work out, be outdoors hiking or walking, and travel when I have the time to.

I want to be involved with the SFC to be a voice for my fellow students. My goal for this year is to listen and provide insight as a student at Oregon State.

Shah Meer

Associated Students of OSU Liaison |

Bio coming soon. 

Bella Baumgartner

Family Resource Center LIAISON |


Bio coming soon. 

Rain Scarborough (they/them)

Student Experiences & Engagement Liaison |

Majors: Design and Innovation Management, Sustainability

Minor: Graphic Design

I spent part of my childhood in several other states, but I consider the Willamette Valley to be where I grew up. I love the climate here, the abundance of trees, and the quiet atmosphere, so when I was figuring out where I wanted to go to college, OSU seemed like the clear choice. When I'm not working or chipping away at my degree, I can usually be found reading graphic novels, singing, or trying to 100% a videogame.

Applying for a job within DCE was one of the best decisions I could have made as an incoming freshman; the community there, and within SEE, is incredibly welcoming, kind, and compassionate. My coworker's continually inspire me, and are a major part of why I'm excited to come to work every day. Joining the SEE Student Advisory Board this past year allowed me to get more involved in something that means a lot to me, and my hope is that being a liaison to the SFC will allow me to represent our unit to the fullest degree possible.

Noah Roberts (he/they)

Memorial Union Liaison |

Major: Electrical & Computer Engineering

I was raised in Hermiston, OR and lived in that area for all of my childhood. Moved to Corvallis for college and fell in love with the city and the area almost immediately. In the time since, Corvallis has become a home to me. In my spare time I like to work on electrical projects and garden.

I have always had a strong connection to the Memorial Union, and am currently working there as an operations technician. When I was presented with the opportunity to get more involved, I jumped on it. I can't wait to be a part of introducing a new generation of students to this great space and being a part of the process that makes that possible.

Dakota Canzano (she/her)

Intercollegiate Athletics Liaison |

Major: Human Development & Family Sciences, Child Development Option

Minor: Marketing

I am a sophomore at Oregon State University from Portland, OR and outside of school I enjoy spending time with the people I love, listening to music, traveling, camping, going thrifting, spending time in the outdoors, and being around people!

I ran for the SFC position because sports plays a part of who I am as an individual and I would love to advocate for student athletes. I also have a lot of experience in leadership and advocating for students which could be applied to this position. My goals for this year is to provide sufficient funding for student athletes, athletics, and the department as a whole as well as brainstorming creative ideas for how we can best use funding to advocate for the well-being of student athletes. Growing up, sports played a major role in my life. I have had family members, friends, and peers that have played in collegiate sports and I have even been a student athlete myself back in high school. Advocating for student athletes is important because I believe their mental health and well-being is not advocated for enough.  

Jared Pratt (he/him)

Recreational Sports Liaison |

Major: Political Science

My name is Jared Pratt, I am going into my senior year at Oregon State. I am originally from Beaverton Oregon, a suburb right outside of Portland. I enjoy spending time outdoors, playing sports, or anything along those lines. I am also the Vice President of the Men’s Water Polo team at Oregon State!

Being recreational sports liaison was something that appealed to me because recreational sports is something that has the ability to benefit any and all students of Oregon State. It covers such a wide branch and provides many different opportunities for students and community members. I wanted to be recreational sports liaison because I believe in what they offer and can provide and have seen it first hand in many positions and experiences I have had within recreational sports since my freshman year at Oregon State.

Connor Boring-Mackie (he/him)

Performing Arts Liaison |

Major: Music Education

Growing up in the Willamette Valley, I have always loved the arts and spending time in our beautiful countryside. From my fascination with space to my passion for education and music, you can be sure to find me wherever music is being played and the sky can be seen.

OSU is the 4th university that I have transferred to in my Academic career. As a 4th year student, with my numerous experiences with differing colleges, I can say without a doubt that the community here at OSU is unparalleled. The music department in particular has been the most welcoming and inspirational community I have experienced in my life. They have helped me in more ways than I can count, and I will do anything I can to serve them. My past experiences in student government across the universities and clubs I have been a part of, have given me a unique perspective as to how different organizations can function together. For that reason, I will do my best to work to not only represent my community in the Music and the Performing Arts but to represent everyone at OSU.

Jessica Lopez (she/her)

Basic Needs CENTER Liaison |

Majors: BioHealth Sciences (pre-PA), Spanish

Minor: Psychology

Medical Humanities Certificate

I am from Portland, Oregon and enjoy going on hikes with my Dog, Chewy ( Full name Chewbert). I work at Good Samaritan hospital and part of the Student Health Advisory Board. I hope to become a Physician Assistant and help others out.

I wanted to do more public health work that will help my community whether that is creating a space for people to talk or assist folks with resources. I appreciate the purpose and motto of the Basic Need Center and their focus on helping as many students as possible with food insecurities and housing.