The ASOSU Student Advisory Board stands alongside the other unit advisory boards to provide recommendations for its unit budget — including OSU's recognized Student Government Association, SafeRide, Student Legal Services, and the Office of Advocacy — to the Student Fee Committee. Meetings are open to the public, and participation from students and community members is strongly encouraged.

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Committee Members:

Chair Muhammad Shah Meer
Vice Chair Emile De Pooter
Secretary Maryssa Reynoso
SFC Liaison Muhammad Shah Meer
Student Representatives
Seats Committee Members
Students at-large Milki Mohammed
Gabrielle Gudoy
Student Government Antonio Martinez
Emile De Pooter 
Student Gov. Director of Diversity & Inclusion Maryssa Reynoso
Office of Advocacy Gabriel Bendat
Eero Kartano
SafeRide Julia Ruff
Rebekah Short
Ex-Officio Non-Voting
ASOSU President Dhru Patel
ASOSU Vice President Dylan Perfect

Meeting Times and Materials:

Date Time Materials Minutes Video Location
11/23/21 4pm Agenda     SEC 354
11/18/21 10am Agenda     SEC 354
10/28/21 10am Agenda     SEC 354
10/24/21 4pm Agenda Minutes   SEC 354
10/21/21 10am Agenda     SEC 354
10/14/21 10am Agenda     SEC 354
10/12/21 4pm Agenda  Minutes   SEC 354
10/7/21 10am Agenda Minutes   SEC 354
9/27/21 10am Agenda     SEC 254
03/04/21 4pm Agenda, Bylaws w/ Comments -- -- Remote meetings via Zoom for 2020-21
01/19/21 4 pm


Minutes --
11/12/20 12 pm Agenda Minutes 0:47:34
10/20/20 11:30 am Agenda, Proposal, Options Minutes 1:41:22
09/29/20 11 am

Agenda, Timeline

Minutes 1:13:22
08/26/20 2 pm Agenda Minutes 1:02:38
10/23/19 6 pm Agenda N/A N/A SEC 354
10/17/19 6 pm Agenda Minutes N/A MU 221
10/09/19 6 pm   Minutes N/A MU 221

Student Advisory Board Documents

ASOSU Student Advisory Board Bylaws Updated 4 March 2021