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For any general inquiries, questions, or concerns related to the Student Government, please don't hesitate to contact us at:

[email protected]

Executive Cabinet & Staff

Independent Offices

Student Fee Committee (SFC)

Student Senate

[email protected] (Sarah Khan)

[email protected] (Erica Nyarko)

[email protected] (Noa Stoll)

[email protected] (Carolyn Pearce)

Judicial Council (JC)

ASOSU Advisors and Services

Position Name Email
Unit Budget Manager Francis Pastorelle [email protected]
Student Government Advisor Keri Simonet [email protected]

Position Name Email
Attorney Noah Chamberlain [email protected]

Position Name Email
Director of the Office of Advocacy Francis Pastorelle [email protected]
Associate Student Advocate Molly Chambers [email protected]


Position Name Email
Program Coordinator Jeff Baxter [email protected]
Graduate Teaching Assistant TBA  
Student Facilitators

Gisselle Brasseur &

Jordan Satterfield &

Stella Sherburn

[email protected]