Executive Cabinet and Staff

Office Name Contact Information
President Matteo Paola asosu.pres@oregonstate.edu
Vice President Sierra Young asosu.vp@oregonstate.edu
Chief of Staff Nya Buckner asosu.chiefofstaff@oregonstate.edu
Public Relations Director Angelina Wescott asosu.pr@oregonstate.edu
Marketing & Web Development Coordinator Reece Kikuchi asosu.marketing@oregonstate.edu
Diversity and Inclusion Director Maryssa Reynoso asosu.diversity@oregonstate.edu
International and Cultural Advocacy Coordinator Jojo Namuddu asosu.international@oregonstate.edu
Accessibility and Wellness Advocacy Coordinator Amanda White asosu.accessibility@oregonstate.edu
LGBTQ+ Students Advocacy Coordinator Adrian Bernal Canales asosu.lgbtq@oregonstate.edu
Women and Gender Advocacy Coordinator Madeleine McIntyre asosu.women@oregonstate.edu
Veterans and Nontraditional Students Advocacy Coordinator Angelina Trillo asosu.veterans@oregonstate.edu
Policy Director Angelo Arredondo asosu.policy@oregonstate.edu
Local and Legislative Policy Coordinator Mya Kuzmin asosu.localpolicy@oregonstate.edu
Environmental Sustainability Coordinator Tobi Davies asosu.sustainability@oregonstate.edu
Graduate Affairs Coordinator Abby Miller asosu.graduate@oregonstate.edu 

Independent Support Staff

Office Name Contact Information
Records Clerk Sophia Nowers asosu.clerk@oregonstate.edu

Student Fee Committee (SFC)

Office Name Contact Information
SFC Chair

Joe Page

SFC Vice Chair Drake Scrafford sfc.vicechair@oregonstate.edu
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Office Name Contact Information
Presiding Officers
Speaker of the House     Madelyn Neuschwander asosu.speaker@oregonstate.edu
Speaker Pro Tempore of the House Sahana Shah asosu.speakerpt@oregonstate.edu
President of the Senate Vice President, ex officio (see above) asosu.vp@oregonstate.edu
Senate President Pro Tempore Xander Robertson asosu.senatept@oregonstate.edu
Outreach Liaisons
Liaison(s) for Campus Cultural Resources Currently vacant  
Currently vacant  
Liaison(s) for Fraternity and Sorority Life Currently vacant  
Currently vacant  
Currently vacant  
Liaison(s) for Student Athletes Currently vacant  
Currently vacant  
Liaison(s) for Unions and Student Advocacy Currently vacant  
Currently vacant  
14th ASOSU Congress
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Judicial Council (JC)

Office Name Contact Information
JC Chair Maya Sonpatki asosu.judicial@oregonstate.edu
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ASOSU Advisors and Services

Office Name Contact Information
ASOSU Faculty Advisors
Director of Student Governance Francis Pastorelle francis.pastorelle@oregonstate.edu
Advisor Vacant  
Student Legal Services
Attorneys Noah Chamberlain & Marc Friedman asosu@accessthelaw.org
Office of Advocacy
Director of the Office of Advocacy Vacant TBD
Associate Student Advocate Molly Chambers molly.chambers@oregonstate.edu
SafeRide     (p: 541-737-5000)
Program Coordinator Jeff Baxter jeff.baxter@oregonstate.edu
Graduate Teaching Assistant Rebekah Short rebekah.short@oregonstate.edu
Media & Onboarding Facilitator Willow Cook-Rosa saferide.program@oregonstate.edu
Maintenance & Operations Facilitator Holden Ard saferide.operations@oregonstate.edu
Marketing & Outreach Facilitator Jordan Satterfield saferide.marketing@oregonstate.edu