Executive Cabinet and Staff

Office Name Email
President Carissa O'Donnell asosu.pres@oregonstate.edu
Vice President Dakota Canzano asosu.vp@oregonstate.edu
Chief of Staff Nya Buckner asosu.chiefofstaff@oregonstate.edu
Deputy Chief of Staff Lilli Udarbe asosu.depchiefofstaff@oregonstate.edu
Student Engagement & Marketing Director Natalie Fuchs asosu.pr@oregonstate.edu
Website & Media Development Coordinator Jake Gehrke asosu.webmedia@oregonstate.edu
Policy Director Angelo Arredondo asosu.policy@oregonstate.edu
Deputy Policy Director Mya Kuzmin asosu.deppolicy@oregonstate.edu
Environmental Sustainability Coordinator C Reeder asosu.sustainability@oregonstate.edu
Diversity & Inclusion Director Adrian Bernal Canales asosu.diversity@oregonstate.edu
Deputy Diversity & Inclusion Director Diego Menendez asosu.depdiversity@oregonstate.edu
Graduate & Nontraditional Affairs Coordinator Miranda Arnold asosu.graduate@oregonstate.edu
International & Cultural Affairs Coordinator Anastasiia Ragozina asosu.international@oregonstate.edu
LGBTQ+ Coordinator Zane Yinger asosu.lgbtq@oregonstate.edu
Veteran & Active Military Affairs Coordinator Noah Sorseth asosu.veterans@oregonstate.edu

Independent Offices

Office Name Email
Records Officers
Records Clerk Kari Hoy asosu.clerk@oregonstate.edu
Archivist Dylan Perfect asosu.archivist@oregonstate.edu
Pilot Lounge Coordinators
Disabled Student Lounge Coordinator Kayden Cummings asosu.dsl@oregonstate.edu
Disabled Student Lounge Coordinator Marina Ketrenos​
International Student Lounge Coordinator Aya Ari asosu.isl@oregonstate.edu
International Student Lounge Coordinator Gloria Henrietta Rutaremwa

Student Fee Committee (SFC)

Office Name Email
SFC Chair

Matteo Paola

SFC Vice Chair Sophia Nowers sfc.vicechair@oregonstate.edu
Visit the SFC website

Student Senate

Office Name Email
Presiding Officers
President of the Senate Dakota Canzano
(ex officio)
Senate President Pro Tempore Noa Stoll asosu.senatept@oregonstate.edu
Outreach Liaisons
Liaison for Campus Cultural Resources TBA  
Liaison for Fraternity and Sorority Life TBA  
Liaison for Student Athletes TBA  
Liaison for Unions and Student Advocacy TBA  
83rd ASOSU Senate
Senate | Committees | Contact a Member

Judicial Council (JC)

Office Name Email
JC Chair Maya Sonpatki asosu.judicial@oregonstate.edu
JC Vice Chair Alexander Kerner asosu.jcvicechair@oregonstate.edu
Council membership and more information

ASOSU Advisors and Services

Office Name Email
ASOSU Faculty Advisors
Unit Budget Manager Francis Pastorelle francis.pastorelle@oregonstate.edu
Student Government Advisor Keri Simonet keri.simonet@oregonstate.edu
Student Legal Services  (541-737-4165)
Attorney Noah Chamberlain  asosu@accessthelaw.org
Office of Advocacy  (541-737-9200)
Director of the Office of Advocacy Francis Pastorelle francis.pastorelle@oregonstate.edu
Associate Student Advocate Molly Chambers molly.chambers@oregonstate.edu
SafeRide  (541-737-5000)
Program Coordinator Jeff Baxter jeff.baxter@oregonstate.edu
Graduate Teaching Assistant TBA  
Student Facilitators Gisselle Brasseur saferide@oregonstate.edu
Jordan Satterfield
Stella Sherburn