Student Fee Committee

What is the SFC?

The Student Fee Committee (SFC) is an independent committee within the Executive Branch of the ASOSU Student Government.  Its membership includes:

  • One (1) Chair elected by the student body each year

  • Five (5) at-large seats elected by the student body each year

    • The Vice Chair is one of the at-large members

  • Eight (8) unit liaisons who represent each of the units funded by the incidental fee


The SFC is tasked with recommending the termly incidental fee and allocations of that fee to each of the fee-funded units. These units include:


The SFC also recommends fee levels for the Student Facility Improvement Fee, the Bad Debt Fee, and Contingency & Supplementary Fund Fee.


The Student Fee Committee meets biweekly (Odd weeks) at 6:00 p.m. over zoom during Summer term. 

Regular meetings are accessible to the public both in-person and over Zoom
Deliberation sessions are held via Zoom Webinar; see above for more information.

To access Zoom for OSU, please visit this webpage

For Zoom training/support, please visit this webpage

2023-2024 Student Fee Allocations

2023-2024 Student Fee Allocations Pie Chart


2023-2024 Student Fee Budget

2023-2024 Student Fee Budgets Pie Chart


Units Supported

Get a deeper understanding of units we support including:

  • The Associated Students of Oregon State University (ASOSU)
  • Intercollegiate Athletics
  • Performing Arts
  • Memorial Union (MU)

  • Recreational Sports
  • Basic Needs Center (BNC)
  • Family Resource Center (FRC)
  • Student Experiences & Engagement (SEE) 

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FY 2024 Fee Deliberations

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