Senate Committees

Outreach Committee

The Outreach Committee organizes activities and events to connect ASOSU to the student body.


Sen. Erica Nyarko


Sen. Jamie Hamlin

Sen. Ayodola Kayode-Popoola

Sen. Noa Stoll

Sen. Sarah Khan

Sen. Hailey Brown

Budgets Committee

The Budgets Committee sets the annual Congressional budget priorities and oversees appropriations of funds throughout the year.


Sen. Kaitlyn Kim


Sen. Elizabeth Eckman

Sen. Hailey Brown

Sen. Teaghan Knox

Sen. Camryn Lau

Sen. Narmeen Rashid


Campus Improvements Committee

The Campus Improvements Committee explores and plans resources and services to provide to students on the Corvallis Campus. Subcommittee 1 focuses on campus sustainability while Subcommittee 2 focuses on issues regarding student transportation.


Sen. Chandler Donahey


Sen. Katyayani Karlapati (Vice Chair)

Sen. Maia Brown

Sen. Olive Cartwright

Sen. Sara McDonald

Sen. Sarah Khan

Student Government Committee

The Student Government Committee oversees the Statutes and structure of the student government and political process. Activities of the committee will be taken up by the Constitutional Transition Committee until the new Constitution takes effect in June 2023.


President Pro Tempore Noa Stoll


Dakota Canzano (Vice President of ASOSU)

Sen. Katyayani Karlapati (Vice Chair Campus Improvements Committee)

Sen. Jamie Hamlin (Vice Chair of Outreach Committee)

Sen. Elizabeth Eckman (Vice Chair of Budgets Committee)

Sen. Audrey Porter

Kari Hoy (Records Clerk)